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Statements can be easy to create if one has the time and resources needed. Whether you require statements for business, legal, or academic purposes, below are a few ideas and examples you may use in drafting one. statement-ideas

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Statement Ideas and Examples

As defined, a statement document refers to one that contains something stated, such as a story or a report of facts. It can be used as a personal, business, or academic document. If you’re looking for an idea on how to make one, the following examples below can be of great help.

Income Statement Ideas and Examples

Most statements serve a business purpose, and an income statement is one of them. Income statements are used to document one’s expenses and revenue via a report. If you’re looking to build this form of statement, the sample below should give you an idea of what it looks like.


University Statement Ideas and Examples

Statements can also serve an academic purpose, such as a research paper/statement or a thesis statement/essay, and a university statement is one of them. This statement can be used by a university or a college offering different undergrad or graduate school programs. This can also contain the university’s mission and vision statement, usually placed inside a classroom as a wall design.


Work Freelancer Statement Ideas and Examples

Statements can also serve a work purpose. One such example is a work freelancer statement, which can be a freelance statement of work or a freelance personal statement. Here’s an example of what it looks like.


IT/Software Statement Ideas and Examples

Another type of statement document that serves a work purpose is an IT/Software Statement. This is essential for real estate businesses. Under its umbrella, it can be a real estate closing statement, a real estate profit and loss statement, a real estate cash flow statement, and so on. An example format below can help you in creating one.


Real Estate Statement Ideas and Examples

Another statement that serves a business purpose is a real estate statement. This is essential for real estate businesses and, under its umbrella, it can be a real estate closing statement, a real estate profit and loss statement, a real estate cash flow statement, and so on. An example format below can help you in creating one.


Financial Statement Ideas and Examples

Statements can also serve a financial purpose, just like what a financial statement would do. This type of statement document outlines a company’s business activities and analyzes the overall status of its financial performance. It can also be a personal document, such as a personal financial statement.


Profit and Loss Statement Ideas and Examples

Another type of statement document under the theme of business use is a profit and loss statement, which is a statement that contains a summary of the costs, revenues, and expenses that were incurred during a specified period. It is also known as an income statement. The example below should aid you if you’re having difficulty creating one.


Work From Home Statement Ideas and Examples

Sometimes, you just want to work from home; an example of a statement document relating to that would be a work from home statement. It can be a simple paragraph of a mission and vision statement, or it can also be a policy text or a statement of purpose document. Here’s what a concept template of this document looks like to aid you in creating one.


Capability Statement Ideas and Examples

Businesses or companies can use a capability statement to reinforce their brand and show their different competencies and achievements to various investors, stakeholders, customers, and suppliers. One such company that can make use of this statement of capability is a construction company. This type of statement document showcases specific organizational information such as associations and accreditations that would entice other businesses to engage with that company. Here’s what that template looks like if you need help making one.



What is a statement in philosophy?

A statement in philosophy, or a philosophy statement, is a type of statement that describes what guides your actions and how these actions affect your life, job, and others around you, and a well-written statement of this type should summarize your guiding principles in a single-page document.

What makes a good written statement?

A well-written statement contains an introduction, expands on the primary purpose of the statement document (such as a list of relevant skills, interests, and experiences for a personal statement), contains a firm conclusion, and follows the appropriate format according to its purpose.

What is a statement of claim?

A statement of claim, in law definitions, is a statement containing a summary of facts that aim to support your case, and if you fail to set it out properly, a re-issue may be required, which can delay the hearing of your case.

How do you structure a personal statement essay?

To properly structure a personal statement, it should include an introduction, followed by a maximum of 3 paragraphs depending on the chapter of your life that you want to have, then end it with a strong concluding statement.

What is a compound statement?

A compound statement is defined as a combination of two or more statements.

Will delete statement lock the table?

Delete statement uses a row lock while the command is being executed, meaning that all the table rows are locked for deletion.

What is a complete statement?

A complete statement is defined as a command that inserts necessary syntax elements (such as parentheses, braces, semicolons, and so on) and sets you up to start typing the next statement.

What are paper statement fees?

A paper statement fee is a physical copy of your bank statement sent to your home address, as opposed to typical bank statements nowadays that are posted online.

What is the format statement?

The FORMAT statement in a computing context permanently associates character variables with character formats and numeric variables with numeric formats.

What is the origin of statement?

The term “statement” originated in 1775, and back then, it was simply defined as “what is stated.”