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A survey is a useful document in the field of research, technology, and investigative study. To be able to achieve its desired result, you need to go over a number of survey ideas and examples to properly prepare its content and design its layout. survey-ideas

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Survey Ideas and Examples

Surveys are a means to collect data and information in various fields. These are designed to answer questions, validate a theory, or help researchers understand and explore opportunities. As a popular medium for research, there are different kinds of survey ideas and examples out there that will be discussed further so you are able to find one that will cater to your needs.

Onboarding Survey Ideas and Examples

The process of onboarding an employee requires a lot of work as management is required to train, orient, and help the new staff adjust to their surroundings. To help employers measure and improve their onboarding and the new hire process, an onboarding process survey is conducted. Newly hired employees are tasked to complete this survey.


Website Survey Pop-Up Ideas and Examples

Pop-ups are small windows that appear while browsing a website and are mainly used for advertising or for surveys to help improve user experience. To entice customers to answer these surveys, sometimes a voucher code or gift card is given as a token after completion. Take a look at this website survey pop-up example to help you design a survey for your website.


Patient Satisfaction Survey Ideas and Examples

It is important for health facilities and medical practitioners to continuously offer the best service to their patients. Feedback and reviews are collected through a patient satisfaction survey where questions regarding the patient’s experience are collected and thoroughly evaluated. This helps establish improvements or implement changes within the establishment.


Exit Interview Survey Ideas and Examples

When an employee is about to resign from a company, one of the requirements needed to complete the off-boarding process is an exit interview. An exit interview survey is conducted so that the company can improve itself, and make sure employees leave feeling positive about their time in the company. This type of survey is not only for employees as this is also administered between a student and a teacher or a member and an association.


Real Estate Client Survey Ideas and Examples

Real estate is a lucrative business endeavor yet is highly competitive in the market. With a lot of real estate agencies to choose from, it is important that these companies remain on top of their game and are able to cater to their customer’s needs. A real estate client survey gives a real estate company a chance to improve their services, address issues, and perhaps create better strategies that can help them sell different land properties.


Job Survey Ideas and Examples

Are you satisfied with your current job? Well, it takes a job satisfaction survey to know how well you are faring with your job and if you need to change or improve the way you work. This type of survey works best for companies who want to determine the satisfaction level of their employee, or for those who personally want to assess themselves.


Parent Survey Ideas and Examples

It is also important for parents to take time to evaluate themselves and this is administered through a parent survey. The purpose of this survey is to collect and understand parents’ opinions, perspectives, attitudes, and perceptions towards the school, their students, and education in general in order to encourage improvement. Surveys of this kind are either given personally to the respondent or through email.


Coronavirus Survey Ideas and Examples

The coronavirus is still very much present in our society as people still end up getting infected with this virus. A coronavirus survey has a number of purposes, it is an assessment tool that helps raise awareness and serves as a basis for decisions on when to seek testing & appropriate medical health care. Check out our template to give you an idea and tips on how to develop your own survey.


Workplace Survey Ideas and Examples

To determine an employee’s work performance, it is essential to carry out a workplace evaluation survey. Data collected will give the company a chance to understand the needs and requirements of their employees. This will also help develop a course of action that can improve the company’s culture and processes.


Safety Survey Ideas and Examples

Safety is important not just in the four corners of our home but in public spaces like malls, parks, offices, high schools and colleges, and even during events. Take a look at this safety culture survey which is designed to gather insights and personal experiences from employees working in a company. Survey materials such as these are used to implement safety policies and other undertakings to ensure that the space is safe from criminals and any other harmful activity.



What is an online survey in research?

An online survey is a method of conducting research where questions are distributed via email or a link is provided so that respondents could be redirected to the survey form.

What is the content of survey report?

The content of a survey report contains a title page, table of contents, executive summary, background and objectives, methodology, results, conclusion and recommendations, and appendices.

What are the objective of the survey?

The main objective of a survey varies, but basically, it is conducted to gather relevant data from a group of selected individuals for further analysis.

Are online surveys reliable in research?

Not every survey regardless of the platform being used is 100% reliable and particularly online surveys since not everyone can understand what they need to do.

What are the benefits of student surveys?

Faculty benefits from student surveys because this gives an opportunity to gain insight and feedback from their students.

How do I make a survey attractive?

An attractive survey should contain the right questions and language, and the correct font size so it is easier to read and should not be too long to complete.

What are the survey response options?

These are dichotomous scales, three-point, a five-point, a seven-point, or a semantic differential scale.

Why is survey important in education?

Surveys are important in the education system because they give learning institutions the data they need to create an effective learning environment and process for grade school kids and young adults.

What role of survey in business?

Surveys play a vital role in marketing a brand and product development as they help companies make sound decisions, identify the latest market trend and implement changes to increase sales.

What is a survey in school?

A school survey is distributed to parents, students, and even members of the faculty to gather feedback and opinions regarding a certain topic or school-related issue.

What are the reasons to conduct a survey?

Surveys are conducted for a number of reasons, such as to gain perspective from target respondents and researchers use surveys to collect data on product preferences, and industry trends to make better business decisions.

Why use surveys for quantitative research?

The use of surveys for quantitative research allows researchers to collect data in a short time period due to its lower costs, ability to reach a large target group of respondents and they are extremely flexible to use.