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Timetable sizes vary depending on the company’s preferences. Every size has purposes and meaning in the business industry and also plays a critical role in the marketing and communication of their business.  timetable-sizes

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Timetable Sizes Standard

Statement (5.5″ x 8.5″)

The statement size has a measurement of 5.5 × 8.5 inches or 139.7 × 215.9 mm is a horizontal format timetable you see on people’s desks. It provides a wider space that allows people to generate grids for days and weeks effectively.

Letter (8.5″ × 11″)

The US Letter size comes with a measurement of 8.5 × 11 inches or 216 × 279 mm and is considered the standard size in the professional industry. You can see them almost everywhere, especially in corporate documents. A letter-wide timetable has a portrait format providing space downwards.

A4 (8.3″ × 11.7″)

The A4 size has dimensions of 8.3 × 11.7 inches or 210mm × 297mm and is also highly preferred in the business world. This size is also a perfect timetable size since it provides more space and is taller than other sizes.

Wall Timetable (12″ × 12″)

Wall timetables measure 12 × 12 inches or 304.8 × 304.8 mm, which are big and rational dimensions. Other companies use wall timetables to hang or post on their walls to be visible to all staff and employees.

Desk Timetable (5″ × 11″)

A desk timetable comes in with a size of 5 × 11 inches or 127 × 279.4 mm, which is a measurement that is ideal for desk or office tables. It has the appropriate size for the landscape timetable, providing wider space for notes. Desk timetables are usually present in offices and schools.

Timetable Sizes for Print

A4 (8.3″ × 11.7″)

The A4 size measuring 8.3 × 11.7 inches or 210mm × 297mm is usually used for marketing and campaigns. This paper size has a taller height which is perfect for portrait or vertical format timetables.


A3 (11.7″ × 16.5″)

The A3 size has dimensions of 11.7 × 16.5 inches or 297 × 420 mm, is larger compared to A4. Calendar and timetable are usually combined, which people use and print. This size is perfect as a calendar and timetable.


Wire-O Timetable (11″ × 17″)

Wire-O timetables have a size of 11 × 17 inches, which is a calendar-style timetable that has springs on it to keep the pages together. Most professionals use this to easily rip old finished timetables.


Timetable Sizes for Business 

Most businesses use printed timetables usually in a horizontal format or half sheet with the size of 5.5 × 8.5 inches or 140 × 216 mm. It has a landscape style suitable for columns and grids. Business people use business timetables combined with the calendar.


Timetable Sizes for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word chooses the US Letter as its default paper size. It has a measurement of 8.5 × 11 inches or 216 × 279 mm. Letter paper size is famous in the professional world since it is suitable for documentation.


Timetable Sizes for Apple Pages

Apple Pages are optimized for creating timetable sizes in the US Letter measuring 8.5 × 11 inches or 216 × 279 mm. It is one of the most preferred paper sizes since it is not too big and not too small for grids and columns. Apple pages also provide other sizes and resizing tools so you can edit your timetable however you prefer.


Timetable Sizes for Google Docs

Google Docs’ default size is the US Letter measuring 8.5 × 11 inches or 216 × 279 mm. Most documenting tools set this size as default since most people use this size. It is a paper size perfect for the professional industry.



What is the basic form of a timetable?

The basic form of a timetable is a calendar and schedule with columns, charts, and grids for the time, date, and notes.

How do you structure a timetable?

First off, you list down your tasks and your preferred time, choose digital documentation such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, write your planned schedules and appointments, then print or download the file.

Why is it important to make a timetable?

Timetable serves as your reminder and the schedule or appointment tracker, assisting you to avoid overlooked schedules and ensure organized tasks.

What are timetable activities?

Children/kids, teachers, students, and professionals can use timetables, leading timetables to have various activities depending on what occupation or stand of the timetable user.

What type of module is used in the timetable?

A timetable can change since it can be used for school, events, exams, route schedules for buses or trains, and other plans.

What is a personalized timetable?

A personalized timetable is a timetable customized by its user using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other visual studio software, to design their timetable’s font, color, theme, and other visual elements to be more presentable on their desktop or physical desk walls.

How to measure the length and width of the table?

You can measure the length and width of the table by using digital measuring tools or the actual measuring instruments to give you the accurate vector, such as the dimension, length, width, space measurements, and weight.

How to reduce timetable size

You can reduce timetable size by clicking the menu of your documenting software usually in the right upper corner, providing options of sizes and resizing tools.

What is the motive of the daily timetable?

The motive of the daily timetables is to guide and assist the students, professionals, teachers, etc., to be reminded of their daily tasks and to organize a smooth routine.

How do I make a times table sheet?

You need to gather your plans, tasks, and appointments first and decide on a time and date, then choose a documenting software, choose a timetable template or make your columns, design the layout, then download and print your sheet.

How to change timetable size

Documenting software such as Word, Pages, and Excel provides digital tools you can use to adjust and resize your timetable however you want.

How to prepare a timetable for your studies?

A study or revision timetable can be prepared by using Word, Pages, Excel, Illustrator, or other software you prefer, then determine and gather your tasks, choose timetable templates, write your tasks accordingly, and design your timetable.

When will any changes be made?

Changes to the timetable can be made if you have changed your appointments, tasks, and schedules.

What time zone is my timetable displayed in?

Every aspect of the world differs in time zone, leading timetables to adapt to the timetable user depending on which area in the globe they are located in.

What format is the timetable feeds provided in?

Timetable format depends on the company or the timetable user preferences.

What are timetable columns and rows?

Timetable columns and rows are the grids and boxes of a timetable where people put and wrote their schedules and tasks in a planned and organized way.

What is the grid size of the timetable?

The grid size of the timetable varies depending on the timetable user preferences since every size and dimension of a timetable has its purposes and ways of using it.