Trackers on websites and other platforms are invisible to you, so think again if you believe trackers simply recorded what you were doing on a certain website. Whatever you were browsing is also associated with your IP address, which is associated with your network and may even be used to determine your approximate location.

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Tracker Definition & Meaning

A tracker is a type of electronic security device that allows you to track the whereabouts of a person or thing, particularly a vehicle.

A tracker can determine latitude, longitude, elevation, and time by comparing the positions of three or more satellites in the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network.

What is a Tracker?

A tracker is a set of records that track the progression of a unit of work from conception to completion. Hence, you can design a tracker to manage nearly any type of work that your project requires. Trackers on your PC can gather a range of information from you, including keystrokes, location, online browsing, and private information.

10 Types of Tracker

Budget Tracker

It may be difficult to determine where and how you spend money until you track your real costs for a month. Budget tracker will help you keep track of spending, revenues, and invoices so that a project may be completed within the budget constraints. Budgeting and forecasting software is useful for tracking spending.


Project Tracker

A project tracker is a tool that allows managers to track their team’s progress as they complete tasks and spend resources. Project tracking is a management strategy for tracking the progress of project activities. You may compare actual to projected progress and uncover challenges that may impede the project from staying on schedule and under budget by tracking it.


Sprint Tracker

Sprint tracker is a simple tracking gadget that you can attach to your children, automobiles, dogs, motorcycles, baggage, or almost anything to track its whereabouts in real-time while connected to the Sprint 4G LTE Network. Sprint Tracker gives you peace of mind since you won’t lose sight of what’s vital to you. The gadget communicates with the Safe & Found application to provide real-time tracking and customized alerts.


Software Bug Tracker

Bug tracking is the practice of logging and monitoring defects or problems during software testing. The software bug tracker collects all defects and categorizes them according to the software company’s standards. Each bug is prioritized depending on the severity of the error, and subsequent action depends on the bug’s importance.


SMART Goal Tracker

SMART goal tracker is a goal-setting tool that helps you prioritize marketing objectives, evaluate weaknesses and strengths, and monitor your activities and efforts. Smart goal tracking tools help individuals and teams set and track their objectives. They provide an organized manner to measure and visualize your goal progress using tools such as dashboards and progress bars.


QC Tracker

QC tracker is a digital device quality control (QC) tracking, inspection reporting, ACR credentials, QC event tracking, and document management intranet software solution. This quality control tool is intended to help an operator detect and monitor drift in the performance of a flow cytometer or several cytometers. QC tracker is constantly streamlining and adding tools to make your job easier and inspectors available for inspection.


Project Module Tracker

A project module tracker is a tool that evaluates project performance, allowing you to keep track of your project’s scope, budget, and timeline. A project tracker allows managers to track their team’s progress as they complete tasks and spend resources. It’s a necessary tool for keeping projects on track and under budget.


Payroll Tracker

Payroll tracker handles the whole process of paying employees and reporting employment taxes. They are set up to keep track of working hours, calculate earnings, withhold taxes and other deductions, print and deliver checks, and pay government employment taxes. Tracking helps you stay focused on what is critical to achieving your objective.


IT Ticket Tracker

IT ticket tracker is a software tool that allow users to record and subsequently track the status of a customer’s inquiry or ticket. Users may track the status of the ticket issue or query in their email until it is resolved. The ticket tracking cycle begins when a consumer inquires and finishes when they offer feedback on the assistance provided.


Issue Tracker

Issue tracker is a tool that Google uses internally to monitor defects and feature requests during product development. An issue tracker logs all clients’ issues with a software product or app. It helps support agents, engineers, and management to track such issues until they are successfully resolved.


Tracker Uses, Purpose, Importance

Reduce Wage and Fuel Costs

Wages and gasoline are undoubtedly the two most expensive things that any business with a fleet of cars may suffer; thus, it is vital to maintain these expenses as low as possible. With fuel prices at their peak, the onus is on the company’s owners to ensure that their vehicles achieve the best fuel efficiency possible. A tracking device will enable the business manager to monitor actions leading to an increase in fuel cost.

Security Perks and Benefits

Vehicles and plants are perhaps the company’s most valuable assets in terms of cost; hence, they are frequently targeted by unscrupulous thieves, and tracking them is an effective safeguard. A tracking system is also beneficial for the security and protection of your employees’ safety, especially when a company’s labor frequently works alone or in potentially hazardous areas. Finding an employee who is possibly in danger might save their life and prevent the company from costly legal action.

Benefits for Dispute Resolution

A business manager’s most important role is to settle conflicts between staff or team members and customers. There can be no debate concerning the job’s location or punctuality since a tracking system will record the time, date, and duration of each job attended. It can also help to settle worker conflicts if one member of staff believes they are being treated unjustly in terms of the positions they are assigned to.

Duty of Care and Caution

Every firm has a responsibility to its employees. A duty of care implies that employers do all necessary to guarantee that their employees’ safety is completely covered. A tracking device will satisfy this criterion and guarantee that all firms can demonstrate that they take employee safety seriously.

Motivate Your Employees

Staff who do not feel cared for will always be unproductive, an unavoidable fact of business. One thing that might irritate employees is being sent to work alone and believing that they have no protection if an incident occurs, which can be solved by installing a tracking device. Workers who use a tracking device will be aware that they are continuously being watched and think that their bosses care about their well-being.

What’s in a Tracker? Parts?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Capturing and storing geographic information is required for large-scale location-tracking systems.

Global Positioning System (GPS) 

It is a network of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites (24 in operation and three extras in case one fails).


Small, battery-free microchips that may be affixed to consumer items, animals, automobiles, and other things to track their movements.


Wireless Local Area Network is a network of devices that communicate via radio frequency, such as 802.11b.

How to Design a Tracker?

1. Choose a Tracker Size.

2. Decide what you need to track.

3. Select a Tracker Template.

4. Figure out who you collect, store and analyze information.

5. Determine how to report.

6. Finalize.

Tracker vs. Sheet

A tracker is a gadget, app, or software that tracks your every activity or status using advanced monitoring system capabilities.

A sheet can either be a digital or hard copy that allows you to generate, update and organize your data on paper or online using an app or program.

What’s the Difference Between Tracker, Estimate, and Invoice?

In general, a tracker is a script on a website that collects information about your interests and who you are as you engage with it.

An estimate is a report that helps you provide a quote to a customer and presents a breakdown of what you plan to charge them if they opt to work with you.

An invoice is a statement of a due balance.

Tracker Sizes

Below are the common Tracker sizes that you can use in creating, editing and formatting data. These are Standard Tracker Sizes.

  • Letter (8.5 x 11)
  • A4 (8.3 × 11.7)

Tracker Ideas & Examples

Listed below are some useful and common Tracker Ideas and Examples. Try to take a look at all of these Tracker ideas, it can be a great help:

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How do you create a tracker in Excel?

Create a table > Configure data validation rules > Make conditional formatting to emphasize what is needed.

How do I create a daily tracker?

You can make a daily tracker using MS Excel or a tracker app or software that is easily available.

What are performance trackers?

A performance tracker is a system or software that measures employees’ work efficiency and tracks their activities to remove non-productive duties and bring value to the organization.

How do I keep track of multiple projects in Excel?

You can download Excel’s multiple project tracking template excel for free, open and start a new project, and from there, simply utilize the Template to track multiple projects.

What is a monthly habit tracker?

A habit tracker does just what the name implies—helping you measure how effectively you keep to monthly routines.

How do I create an expense tracker in sheets?

Begin by adding tools to track your spending throughout the year, create income and expense categories/subcategories, and enter your transactions.

How to Create and Manage an Inventory Tracker?

Go to Menu, select New, and then Blank workbook to create a new Excel sheet, where you can input pertinent product categories as columns and add each product you carry into its assigned column.

What is goal tracking?

Goal tracking apps motivate team members to achieve goals by reminding them of what they need to do and showcasing how far they’ve come.

How do I create a work tracker?

Open Excel and insert column headings > Fill out the task details > Put a filter on your list > Using the filter, sort your tasks.

What is a robust project tracking template?

A project tracking template is a sheet with placeholders for various project activities or operations that allows project managers to track the project’s activity.