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White papers give voice to philosophies and concepts supported by in-depth and factual information based on research. They are created not only to educate readers but also to engage them in the presented argument and the proposed solution that could lead to a change in buying behavior, following, of course, the right white paper sizes discussed in this article. white-paper-sizes1

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White Paper Sizes Standard

While one key element to having a good paper presentation is a proper paper format, the paper size also matters a lot. It can vary according to location, but the proper white paper sizes give it a better bearing, especially with a perfect layout, following these two acceptable paper sizes.

US – Letter

Besides the fact that US – Letter or 8.5” × 11” is the standard printer paper size, a white paper presented to an American customer should follow these measurements as this is the common paper size across any form of document, even blank paper. Magazines and marketing brochures around the region follow the same.

A4 Sizes

An A4 paper normally has 210 × 297 mm which is commonly used not in the European and Asian regions but much of the rest of the world. Be sure your white paper has this dimension even if you are trying to design a brochure template word.

White Paper Sizes for Print

In the U.S. and Canada, the proper dimension of white paper is set to 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height to get a perfect quality portrait print although most B2B e-books follow the landscape format but of the same sizes. A4 is used in printing white papers made in the rest of the world with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi but you can go higher to 2550 pixels depending on the image size and the quality of print you want for your paper.


White Paper Sizes for Business

The most preferable size for a business white paper is 8.5” × 11” although, on some occasions such as advertising documents and brochures, an A3 paper which is about 11″ × 17” tabloid size is customarily used. The size matters a lot so never fail to implement the recommended dimension for you to professionally use your white paper to your advantage even though it already bears your empowering argument on the issue, as well as your proposed solution to the problem.


White Paper Sizes for MS Word

The default format in MS Word is 8.5” × 11” which easily works with any printer or copier. You can also use the U.S. legal size of 8.5″ × 14″ if you want your white paper to have a taller portrait look, but the former is much more conventional.


White Paper Sizes for Apple Pages

Documents such as a white paper created on Mac have a default size of 8.5” × 11” but you can always set it to a custom size you think applies to yours. Should you want to change it, you can go to the Apple menu, then to ”System Preferences”, click ”Printer & Scanners”, on the pop-up menu, choose “Default Paper Size”, then enter the paper size of your choice.


White Paper Sizes for Google Docs

Google Docs has the same default size in “Letter” format but you always have the option to change the page size that you think is better for your white paper. If this is meant for a European audience, you should, of course, set it to A4.



What are the dimensions of white paper?

The standard printer paper dimensions are 8.5 ×  11 inches.

How long is the technical white paper?

A technical white paper format is nowhere lower than 6 and 12 pages.

What are the characteristics of a white paper?

A white paper contains highly persuasive narrative text that provides facts and is about 6 to 12 pages long with a portrait page layout, used for educational, marketing, or other practical purposes.

What is the layout of a white paper?

The proper layout of a white paper follows H1, H2, and subsection formatting to get the information organized.

What is the appropriate font size for a white paper?

You should keep your white paper at no smaller than 12 points.

What is the perfect resolution of white paper?

The ideal resolution of white paper is 300 dots per inch.

How to print A4 size white paper in MS Word?

Go to “Page Layout”, click on “Page Setup”, select A4 at the “Paper Sizes” menu, click “OK”, and then close the dialog box.

What is the size of a research white paper?

A white paper for research should have at least 2,500 words.

How do you summarize a white paper?

Summarize the white paper by offering a quick emphasis on both the benefits and risks of the proposed solution for your readers to decide whether or not to pursue the product or service.

How to change the size of a white paper?

Go to the “Pay Layout” tab, click on “Page Setup”, select the paper setup you to modify, click on “Modify”, and set the paper size of your choice in the dialogue box under “Paper Size”.

What is the size of white paper in inches?

A white paper page is about 8.27″ × 11.69″ inches.

What is the most effective size of white paper?

The most effective is A4 or 8.5” × 11” inches.

How do you outline a white paper?

The proper way to outline a white paper begins with a title, summary or abstract, introduction, section subheadings, footnotes on references, and conclusion.

What is the structure of white paper?

The most detailed way to present a white paper follows this sequence: title, executive summary, introduction, problem definition, high-level solution, solution details, benefits, summary, and call to action.