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20+ Health Magento Themes & Templates

If you know how to install Best Magento theme, you can transform your boring looking fitness center, medical clinic, or even a pharmacy shop website into an inviting display of artifacts associated with health and fitness. Multiple design variations, dozens of color schemes, fully responsive and cross browser compatible design, dynamic layout, AJAX based paging, sorting, price sliders, navigation, and toolbars, and ecommerce relevant features like featured products, discounted products, special schemes, upselling and cross selling – all blend together to make new age Magento ecommerce themes for health websites so successful. You can also see Health Joomla Themes.

Responsive Medical Store Magento Theme – $84

responsive medical store magento theme

Premium Pharmacy Magento Template – $84

premium pharmacy magento template

Medical Stores Magento Template – $89

medical stores magento template

Medical Magento Theme – $85

medical magento theme

  • Configure the calendar and scheduler to offer appointment scheduling for your patients and members, and blend in payment gateway integration to transform your health website into a revenue channel for yourself.
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