Magento Features You May Not Know About – Infographic

Ultimate Features on Magento (Infographic)

It is a known fact now that Magento is the latest favorite ecommerce platform which is ruling the world of ecommerce. There are websites aplenty which have and continue to reap the benefits of Magento platform. If your ecommerce website isn’t yet aligned with Magento, we suggest you check out our lineup of website templates loaded with Magento platform features. The templates are endowed with rich options – frontend and backend. It’s still not too late to get acquainted with Magento templates! You can also see Magento.

Targeted Selling Like Never Before

As a store manager, you’d want to segment your customers into groups, and target them with relevant product advertisements, emails, and even pricing. Magento goes beyond that, and allows you to host private and exclusive access product promotion events and sales, something that only expensive ERP software let you do! Of course, there are product back in stock notifications, tiered pricing, and other product-pricing management features to empower you.

Magento Features You May Not Know About

  • Magento ThMagento Features You May Not Know About – Infographicemes Infographic

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Globally Relevant Ecommerce Platform

With features such as support for multiple currencies, multiple languages, all kinds of taxation pricing components, country specific features, notifications an validations to comply with international and export trade legalities, Magento suggests itself as a globally relevant ecommerce CMS. Deep customizations to both the frontend and backend, Secure Payment Bridge for safe payments, the world’s largest ecommerce apps marketplace.

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