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Best Magento mobile themes boost your sales by making your website available to mobile users. These themes make your website available as a mobile website, iOS app and Android app. They come preloaded with features like barcode scanner and QR scanners, push messages and even integrated mobile coupons! Using the Magento mobile themes, you could stand to increase your mobile conversion rate by a whopping up to 900%! The themes come with improved inventory management and improved compatibility with catalog price rules on import orders, and tax handling for shipping costs to tax-free countries. To easy functionality, these themes use your existing store database, negating the need to make new setups.

Mobile Heaven Magento Theme


Coffee Store Magento Theme


Florists Offerings Magento Theme


Yarn Online Store Magento Theme


Fashion Store Magento Theme


Knives Online Store Magento Theme


Christmas Gifts Magento Theme


These themes also improve your SEO configuration, leading to increased visibility wider reach. Add a personal touch by uploading your own logo onto the new site, and as this is absolutely customisable so it can change according to your requirements! There is also a mobile cloud service and geolocation option to help customers identify where you are.

These Magento themes also come with preloaded methods to speed up the mobile loading time, satisfying customers. The mobile themes also have built in social media integration and mobile redirect options, along with guest checkout options and mobile optimised promotion engines. The also have slideshow display options and the option to display featured products. The developers also have extensive how-to guides to get through installation easily and give full support, so any issues will be resolved within no time!

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