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Take complete control of your online channel with the prime choice of more than 240,000 merchants. So this open source eCommerce software can be used to power your needs. Design your own websites based on this unique platform to meet all your requirements without any constraints. Choose to grow with Magento.Almost a thousand Best Magento Templates and Themes are present in the repository for different styles of websites and blogs. It can be taken for granted that these are responsive and also built on the latest platform so as to provide impeccable service and support for all kinds of website.

Free Magento Templates

free magento templates

Most of these amazing Magento themes are free. They still provide premium quality of graphics, color options, text fonts and image qualities. These templates can be used as samples or standard website templates for their clean and sleek look. The stable templates are compatible with at least Magento versions 1.4 to 1.6. (20+ Free Magento Templates & Themes )

Art & Culture Magento Templates

art culture magento templates

Compatible with Magento 1.8x to 1.9x, these Art and Culture Magento templates are well suited for freelancing websites which are focusing on modern art, photography, lifestyle news or products. Free downloads of the best of these themes are easily available. Some of the templates also come with in-built Cloud zoom, Social icons, and other useful extensions which make them the prime choice of all designers.(18+ Art Store Magento Templates & Themes )

Automobiles Magento Templates

automobiles magento templates

You may be an automobile dealer who is interested to expand his business online or a deal of automobile parts or rental services, but you will need a powerful website that can handle all that data and high resolution images of your cars and car parts. So the Automobiles Magento Templates are your best options given their multiple gallery options, Google Maps integration, attached contact forms, social options and easy integration with secure payment gateways. (Automobiles Magento Templates & Themes)

Business Magento Themes

business magento themes

Although it may be hard for some to imagine, online business opportunities range from plumbing to poultry nowadays. And along with each business come the apt templates and themes. Compatible through 1.8x- 1.9x, the themes contain header images sliders, content specific areas, list/grid options and touch product carousels. The easy cart options and responsive nature of the Business Magento Templates help them stand out in the crowd. (Best Business Magento Templates & Themes )

Design Magento Templates

design magento templates

Whether you wish to set up a designer apparel website, or a store catering to design enthusiasts, using Magento website templates with HD retina ready artworks, designer fonts, headers, footers, borders, etc. are a must. Use designer Magento templates that come with landing page Lightbox empowered image slideshows, responsive sliders, and PSDs for design customizations.( 12 Magento Design Templates & Themes )

Entertainment Magento Themes

entertainment magento themes

The entertainment themes from Magento are truly diverse. There are themes for magicians as well as tap dancers in the Magento repository. From tickets booking to online streaming of shows these themes can support multiple functions and purposes. Some Magento extensions like Ajax search, social widgets and cloud zoom are always present along with the free downaloaded versions of these themes. ( 12+ Entertainment Magento Templates & Themes )

Electronics Magento Themes

electronics magento themes

A uber cool electronics shop online needs an equally cool website and the Electronics Magento Themes can provide you just that with minimal effort. The themes are free of cost and can be tweaked with to suit all kinds of e-stores ranging from the ones which specialize in cell phones to the ones which sell all sorts of kitchen or home utility electronic products. Advanced search, filtering, add to cart and one step payment extensions are easily available to impart a luxurious experience for your customers.( 20 Electronics Magento Templates & Themes )

Fashion Magento Templates

fashion magento templates

Get the best Fashion Magento Templates by downaloading them free from public forums without any underlying clauses. They have multiple layout galleries, slider options, hover zooms and product detail options which make shopping easier for the visitors. The filtering and advanced search options add to the easy charm of these websites.( 20 Most Popular Magento Fashion Templates & Themes )

Furniture Store Magento Templates

furniture store magento templates

Online furniture stores are blooming with a new zeal. They range from ultra modern to antique styled decors with suitable themes and color options. The variety demands a powerful template which only Magento can provide the designers. These templates can support tons of extensions at one time and contain all the features of a premium template without costing a penny.( 30+ Furniture Store Magento Templates & Themes )

Health Magento Templates

health magento templates

The Health templates from Magento cover a wide range of functions; from online medicine booking and delivery services and doctor consultancies to health insurances, all kinds of services can be supported by these templates. They are responsive which means one can access them from any device during their time of need. (15 Health Magento Templates & Themes )

Mobile Magento Templates

mobile magento templates

These templates are new, unique and absolutely necessary. They can be used to store information about available phones in your exclusive online mobile store which specialize on a certain brand or style. The high resolution photo support, the sliders, galleries and easy to edit, sorted columns of content make your website extremely attractive and difficult to miss. ( Magento Mobile Responsive Templates &Themes )

Pet Shop Magento Themes

pet shop magento themes

Set up your own online store of pet supplies, accessories and medicine by using the easy and the best Magento templates. These Pet Shop templates are not only responsive they also have accordion styled categories, mega menu options, dropdown menus, advanced search options and added contact forms. They integrate seamlessly with other extensions which can be used for your website. (12 Best Pet Shop Magento Templates & Themes)

Restaurant Magento Templates

restaurant magento templates

The restaurant themes not only allow one to browse online but they can also make online reservations. Now there are templates which allow placing online orders with cash on delivery or credit card payment options. The advanced search options coupled with secure payment gateways make amazing Restaurant Magento Templates for new-age web developers. (10 Restaurant Magento Templates and Themes )

Real Estate Magento Templates

real estate magento templates

If you are a real estate agent in the 21st century it is must for you to have your own website where you can start online biddings, interact with your clients and give your clients a virtual tour of your open house(s). Free contact forms are also available with the Real estate Magento templates to help you keep a track of your clients and guests.(12+ Magento Real Estate Templates & Themes )

Sports Magento Templates

sports magento templates

Jazz up your sports themed e-store with new colors, themes, layout options etc. They can now have multiple grid/list options, dropdown mega menus, add to cart options, etc with live NEWS feed from your favorite channel integrated into the main template by virtue of the free Magento extensions available from the repository. (20+ Sports Magento Templates & Themes )

Travel Magento Templates

travel magento templates

Best suited for travel themed blogging cum booking websites as they are responsive and also have galleries/sliders which support amazing quality of photos. The threaded comments options can be monitored as well as edited by the admin. Navigation panel options, dropdown mega menus etc are also ubiquitous for all Travel Magento Templates. (10+ Wonderful Magento Travel Templates & Themes )

How to Choose Magento Ecommerce Templates

The main pointers to remember while choosing Magento eCommerce templates are-

  1. They should be completely free and open to further improvement and growth.
  2. They should not be self hosted.
  3. The eCommerce templates must be highly flexible and responsive templates as well.
  4. Multiple websites should be supported from single eCommerce templates.
  5. And of course they should be easily customizable.

Magento Tutorial

Magento is easy to use and manage. All you need as a beginner is a basic knowledge of how to install and start your website using Magento as your CMS platform. Once the installation process is complete it is necessary to add products/extensions for optimal function of your websites. There are certain standard steps which make the addition not only easy but also swift and error-free.

How to Install Magento

Installing Magento is child’s play even for first timers. Here are the few basic steps one needs to follow to ensure complete installation-

  1. First make sure that you have downloaded the entire installation package from Magento official website.
  2. Then upload the installation package on the hosting account you are using through the cPanel. (File Manager or use a FTP client).
  3. Go to cPanel>MySQL Databases and create a MySQL Database for your website and assign a user.
  4. Simply click on the “Install” button for immediate installation.

Choose your desired time zone, area, currency, language and press the “Continue” button. Then insert the Database details like DB Name, User Name, User Password etc for proceeding further. You can input encryption keys as well which will be used by Magento to encrypt passwords and other important confidential information for your new website.

This will be followed by an installation confirmation message, following which you can enjoy your Magento perks without limits.

Magento is a powerful online platform for new and old traders who want to expand their business online. Magento can be referred to as another name for success as the features and extensions of each kind of template magento is unique, this helps Magento evolve with demand and time.

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