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> Free Prestashop Templates

free prestashop templatesMost of the best Free Prestahop themes and templates are available for download on the internet for free. These themes offer incredible usefulness, with their support for the latest version of Prestashop, their incredibly aesthetic color schemes and a wide variety of aspects that make them appealing.

> Health Prestashop Themes

health prestashop themesThemes based on Prestashop all look incredibly professional and offer various incredible benefits for owners. Features like integrated fonts, designs that are responsive, various ways to view the products and availability of online chat systems where to enable your users to communicate with experts and shop for medicine, which they can book and ship to their addresses.

> Book Store Prestashop Templates

book store prestashop templatesWith their huge market, books of all kinds are purchased from the internet. Prestashop bookstore templates offer an array of benefits like a design that is responsive, with colors that are easy on the eyes and allow your customers to focus on the book titles. Organized product search histories allow your customers to keep track of books they were browsing.

> Prestashop Beauty Templates

prestashop beauty templates

The very best Prestashop beauty templates available offer amazing designs that highlight the product while being easy to look at. Also are integrated the news on latest trends that can be followed. Products can be searched by popularity to see what most people are using and the customers can make decisions based on feedback of previous customers. Available in various languages, these responsivethemes are accessible by a lot of people.

> Flat Design Prestashop Themes

flat design prestashop themes

Flat design templates are extremely popular due to the fact that they are minimalist in design but very aesthetically built, allowing for easy navigation by your users while enabling a simple site that does not confuse your customers with an overly intricate design. Available for download in responsive varieties, these themes have amazing slide-show capabilities.

> Sports Prestashop Templates

sports prestashop templates

Available in both standard and responsive types of websites, these templates allow customers to reach the item they wish to buy without any additional hassle. The templates are available in many languages and offer complete customization such as rapid rearrangement of the heading, the footers and headers, etc. The color scheme and search options are such that your users can easily find and examine the sports equipment.

> Design Prestashop Templates

design prestashop templates

With the help of designer fonts to be used for the website’s header and footer, its headings and other textual purposes, you can create a gorgeous online store for designer-wear or just a simple general designs store. The high-definition detailing of Design Prestashop templates allow you to show your customers the intricate details of the product. Available in several languages.

> Real Estate Prestashop Templates

real estate prestashop templates

Real-Estate Templates for Prestashop have incredibly strategic slide-shows that allow your potential customer to examine the houses fully. The designs of the templates are such that you users focus on the real estate while enjoying the site, which is usually responsive. Pages of information like Frequently Asked Questions and AboutUs help the customer learn more.

> Entertainment Prestashop Themes

entertainment prestashop themes

Equipped with features like Parallax, these templates are some of the best, integrating social media and enabling features like videos to allow your users maximum fun from the use of your entertainment website, which is made available in multiple languages to maximize consumption by potential customers all around the world.

> Auto Parts Prestashop Templates

auto parts prestashop templates

Thousands of Auto parts templates are available with zoom to scrutinize the parts even better and responsive interfaces that are really efficient. The templates also provide free PSD files that can then be edited fully using Photoshop. The users of your website will be able to enjoy the various color schemes that suit the theme of a grungy parts shop or sleek high end automobile parts shop.

> Business Prestashop Templates

business prestashop templates

Business templates for all sorts of stores, such as ones for contact lenses or ones that deliver groceries are available, with headings, logos, footers, headers and other things being fully changeable and various view options available to use. Your consumers can also use a number of search options to find what they want.

> Pet Store Prestashop Themes

pet store prestashop themes

Your customers can find the exact thing they need for their furry friends using the websites you create using the many templates available for download for animal stores. These are responsive templates that offer a number of designs depending on what the store wishes to be, whether one that sells pet food or other accessories. There can also be a FAQ page informing people of what they need to know.

> Technology Prestashop Templates

technology prestashop templates

Designed with the hi-tech website in mind, these templates allow you to awe your users with their sleek and futuristic looks. These responsive templates have amazing color schemes and are available in several languages. But the color does not hinder the viewing of the objects for sale, which can be seen through slide-shows that allow full examination. Landing pages guide your users to desired locations with images.

> Baby Store Prestashop Templates

baby store prestashop templates

Baby store Prestashop themes can accommodate a variety of objects for toddler, such as toys, clothing, whatever a child might need. There are several designs to choose from, with a lot of color combinations. Slide-shows make searches easier and there are many fonts to choose from. Also the landing pages have many images that help your users.

> Prestashop Electronic Themes

Sell all sorts of gadgets with amazing fonts and appropriate designs available from the many electronic templates that often include FAQ and About Us pages. There are also options to change the logo of the store as well as the headings and the landing page can have image galleries. Some of the best of such templates are free.

> Attractive Free and Premium Prestashop Templates

Using Prestashop Templates , an open source program, one might join over a hundred and sixty thousand shops all the world over. The ecommerce platform, being one of the best, also comes with plugin support. Easy and secure online transactions are fully possible now with the help of a variety of payment gateways like Google Checkout, Skrill, etc. For frontend, you’ve got hundreds of fabulous templates to choose from, here’s more on that.

> How to Choose Prestashop Ecommerce

There are a Few major things to consider that favor Prestashop when looking for a perfect ecommerce solution on the web:

However, what seals the deal is the availability of top class professionally designed responsive web store templates for Prestashop.

> How to Install Prestashop

Even those who are uninitiated in the art of creating online services shall not have a very difficult time in establishing an online presence using Prestashop.

One must have knowledge of availing and using web hosting services and procuring certificates online. Web hosting services give one the required amount of space on the internet while online certificates prove that the site is safe to use.

> Prestashop Tutorial

Prestashop is a very user-friendly platform that is easy to use. One requires hosting services on the internet to make an online store through the use of Prestashop. This includes such things as a domain name, an SSL certificate that declares your website as safe to use. Check out dedicated Prestashop tutorials to know the platform better.

> Prestashop Templates & Themes

Prestashop Templates, available both for free as well as in premium versions, are numerous. The templates and themes are available for a huge range of businesses and incorporate responsive and up to date interfaces that enable websites to be fast and easily accessible by potential customers. They offer a wide range of features like slide-shows and galleries.

Variety is the name of the game and Prestashop templates are masters at this particular game. With a theme for almost every single thing under the sun, not to mention ease of use and rich features to work with, this is an amazing ecommerce solution.

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