Top 20 Business Catalyst eCommerce Templates

There are many different styles of eCommerce templates however a common theme amongst them all is their professional and clean look. The templates that are generally used in business have an emphasis on the content and often make use of white space to keep things keen & fresh. There are so many out there that it can be difficult to choose however we are going to help and list 20 of the top business eCommerce templates that you can use for your business or professional site.

1. Wee Adore from Tribe Vita


A clean and lightly colored business template. It is good for displaying several products on the main page without it becoming too cluttered and its breezy design with a sensible layout make it perfect for a business site.

2. Azure Legal from Tribe Vita


A template that can be used in a legal site or easily adapted to fit any sort of professional purpose. It has a straightforward design and uses blues and white to ensure a clean, modern looking template that is not too fussy or over complicated.

3. Flora’s Garden from Tribe Vita


A responsive template that adjusts itself based on the device that is used to access it. Makes use of a lot of white space to display products in a neat fashion on the main page and has a natural white and green color scheme.

4. Belo’s Boutique from Tribe Vita


Clean and almost minimalistic design. Light colors throughout and has a large image slider as its center point. The image grid below is good for displaying items and it comes packed with all the eCommerce functionality that is needed for an online business.

5. Genesis from Tribe Vita


Image slider and grid layout below. A well designed, professional looking template that does not try and be unique or different but rather benefits from its straightforward & simple nature in displaying information.

6. Halftone Photography from bcgurus


A portfolio-esque template that also has functionality with eCommerce. Particularly suited to a photographic studio or an art gallery. A clean look that can display images without the template being too overloaded.

7. BC Agency from bcgurus


Nice and clean business eCommerce template. Has a minimal layout with content having its own space and no clutter. Good use of green to highlight certain parts and would be suited to all kinds of business eCommerce websites.

8. Saltbox from bcgurus


Saltbox is an aesthetically beautiful template that makes use of large images in a portfolio setting. It has a handy navigation bar at the top, image slider and also allows for grid information boxes to link to content.

9. The Chamber from bcgurus


The Chamber has a homepage slider and a well laid out design. It is clean and professional looking without standing out too much. Allows information and content to get straight to the point which is a major plus for a business eCommerce template.

10. Mountain plumbing from bcgurus


A darker theme that still remains professional. Nice color mix that creates harmonious tones and the image slider is a good addition. Can display service information in a straightforward manner and is also fully responsive for tablets and smartphones.

11. Corked from Tribe Vita


A minimally designed template that doesn’t clutter up the web page. White background makes images of products stand out well and become emphasized in the design. It also has an image slider and is recommended for eCommerce purposes.

12. Creative Hub from Tribe Vita


Good mix of color shades allows Creative Hub to stand out slightly in the eCommerce business template market. It has a straightforward design with grid layouts and a main image with good positioning of social media icons.

13. BC Works from Tribe Vita


A fully responsive and clean template from Tribe Vita. Has a forthright design that focuses more on content and displaying information. Achieves this well with a white, blue and black color scheme to create a very professional look and feel.

14. Innovative Angles from Tribe Vita


Large image slider, prominent navigation bar and smaller image grid to display information are just a few major benefits of this design. It can incorporate social media updates from Twitter or Facebook and looks professional overall.

15. Chergo from Tribe Vita


A business eCommerce template that has a professional look. The design is well laid out with good use of white to create space and a medium-sized image slider at the top. Good for any number of business websites.

16. Wireframe Prototype from bcgurus


A template that has an almost nostalgic feel due to the design. Has an air of creativity and art about it, however it would be at home with most eCommerce sites too. Allows for a blog and photo gallery with a handy image slider.

17. Red & White from bcgurus


A red and white color scheme allows this template to have an elegant feel to it however it still has an air of professionalism. The layout is split up well with an image slide at the center and a featured products section.

18. Mercury from bcgurus


A portfolio and gallery eCommerce template. Would be great for a photographic business however any business that employs a lot of images would be suitable. Creative but professional design with quite a simple but highly effective layout.

19. Oak Tree from bcgurus


Professional design that has a simple image slider with 3 grids underneath. No fuss but manages to display the content in an effective manner by using sensible colors, a straightforward layout and comes with eCommerce functionality and integration.

20. Vertical Marketing Prototype from bcgurus


Professional and clean looking business eCommerce template. Vertical Marketing allows for a lot of content to be displayed on the main page without the template being cluttered. Neutral color scheme means this can be used for almost any eCommerce business purposes.

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