18+ Impressive eCommerce Virtuemart Themes & Templates

They will spruce up your website and give it an irresistible appeal that will tend to attract and engage visitors. Here are some of the best virtuemart e-commerce templates. You May also See eCommerce Website Templates.

Animal eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83

Animally eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83This is a template that is easy to install, customize or scroll. There is a mega menu available in this responsive solution which the viewers can check out. In the background there is a full width video running which grabs the attention of the viewer.

Responsive eCommerce Joomla & VirtueMart Template $48

Responsive eCommerce Joomla & VirtueMart Template $48This eCommerce Joomla and virtueMart themes come in 4 usable preset colors, and a melodious slideshow, which is a unique feature. It uses the multiple layout option which can be configured from the background with ease. It also comes with a quick start process.

Design eCommerce VirtueMart Theme

Design eCommerce VirtueMart ThemeThis is a multipurpose responsive template designed to accommodate the latest version of Joomla which contains various features. The themes are quite easy to customize, and they are fast loading and modern in nature. There are six color styles you can choose from.

Design eCommerce Virtuemart Template

Design eCommerce Virtuemart TemplateThis template is designed through clever and attractive designs, and comes with three homepages. This template is best suitable for an online fashion store, and contains both virtueMart and PayCart fecilities. Because it comes with native blog of Joomla, third party solutions are not needed.

Food Store eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83

Food Store eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83This responsive template has earned five stars in the review of the customer. One of the main features of this template is that there are a few high resolution stock photos which can be used for free for a life time usage.

Multipurpose eCommerce Joomla Virtuemart Theme $48

Multipurpose eCommerce Joomla Virtuemart Theme $48This theme comes with facility of three different designs along with a completely responsive layout. It is easy to customize. It also contains special Ajax cart with slide out facility. Moreover it also has multiple language support systems with RTL feature.

Stylish eCommerce VirtueMart Template

Stylish eCommerce VirtueMart TemplateInstyle has a stylish theme which is compatible with VirtueMart. The template is useful since it offers visuals of a number of products. Simultaneously it also has a strong tool for eCommerce, which assures good sale along with a satisfied customer.

Free Responsive eCommerce Joomla Virtuemart Template

Free Responsive eCommerce Joomla Virtuemart TemplateThis template is for an advanced responsive eCommerce and Joomla set up empowered by Vertical mega menu which helps you to arrange the product of your shop in a more attractive way. This template is created with the powerful T3 framework.

Wheels & Tires eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83

Wheels & Tires eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83This template comes with parallax effect and guarantees 100% satisfaction of the customer. Moreover, it has 24/7 support facility, and a number of free stock photos which can be used for as long as you wish. It also has high customer rating.

Multipurpose VirtueMart eCommerce Theme $48

Multipurpose VirtueMart eCommerce Theme $48

The structure of this theme is based on EF4 which is a powerful framework. You can customize the layout of the theme according to your requirements, and create separate layouts for different gadgets such as laptops, mobiles etc. the color and font can also be modified.

Modern Shopping eCommerce VirtueMart Template

Modern Shopping eCommerce VirtueMart TemplateIf you want to give your customer a simplified experience of shopping, and thus enhance your sale this is the template for you. It has K2Store and VirtueMart support. There are features like product rotators, and slideshows in this template.

Elegant eCommerce Joomla Virtuemart Template

Elegant eCommerce Joomla Virtuemart TemplateThere are bonus pages in this template along with K2 styles which is appealing for the customer. The template comes in 4 different colors. The template is created in such a way so that it can be used for blog or personal use.

Nutrition Supplements eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83

Nutrition Supplements eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83This template comes with the additional features like Sliced PSD and Ajax shopping cart among other things. The VirtueMart modules in this template include Superfish Menu and slideshow facilities. There is 24/7 free support available with this template too.

Fashion eCommerce VirtueMart Responsive Theme $53

Fashion eCommerce VirtueMart Responsive Theme $53This is a theme more suitable for domestic accessories, electronic gadgets etc. The theme look attractive with beautiful color combination, and the sub pages are customized. The look is clean and professional and thus attractive to customers of different types.

Bike Online eCommerce VirtueMart Template

Bike Online eCommerce VirtueMart TemplateThis is a high quality shopping online showroom template. It is great to make all your products visible to the customer. The effective product show case and many options that can help in improving the customer’s experience of shopping, makes this template useful.

Electro eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83

Electro eCommerce VirtueMart Template $83

Design eCommerce VirtueMart Responsive Theme $53

Design eCommerce VirtueMart Responsive Theme $53This template is dedicated to dresses and apparel stores. There are free extensions to this template and scopes of customization, which makes it more attractive. This template is SEO friendly, which is good for your business, and compatible with all the main browsers.

MultiPurpose eCommerce Virtuemart Template

MultiPurpose eCommerce Virtuemart TemplateThis is responsive template useful for multipurpose shopping sites. There is the slideshow option which showcases your best products in the most useful way, and makes it easier for the customer to see. The template uses the VirtueMart format.

> Conclusion

The templates are useful in creation of shopping websites, because, with easy installation and customization of these templates, you can attract the customer to your products. They make the making of a shopping website quite easy, with fixed design sets.

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