Pre Launch Website Checklist

Website Testing Essentials and Protocols

This Pre Launch Website Checklist is your comprehensive guide to ensuring a flawless debut. From rigorous quality assurance and user experience optimization to meticulous testing and content refinement, this checklist covers all the essentials.

Quality Assurance

  • Thorough Link Testing: Ensure all hyperlinks navigate correctly and lead to the intended destinations.

  • Precision Spell-Check: Conduct a meticulous review of all content to eliminate spelling errors and enhance professionalism.

  • Form Validation: Rigorously test and validate all forms to guarantee seamless user interaction.

  • SEO Meta-Tag Scrutiny: Confirm that meta-tags are accurately implemented for optimal search engine visibility.

  • Image Optimization: Compress and optimize images to improve website performance without compromising quality.

User Experience

  • Intuitive Navigation: Implement a clear and user-friendly navigation structure for a seamless browsing experience.

  • Consistent Layout: Ensure uniformity in website layout across all pages for a cohesive visual identity.

  • Engaging Content: Craft compelling and user-focused content to capture and retain visitor attention.

  • Effective Calls to Action: Employ easily identifiable and compelling calls to action for improved user engagement.

  • Optimized Page Load Speed: Enhance website performance by optimizing page load speed for a swift user experience.

Testing and Validation

  • Browser Compatibility: Test the website on all major browsers to guarantee cross-browser compatibility.

  • Cross-Device Functionality: Confirm the website's functionality across various devices to cater to diverse user preferences.

  • HTML/CSS Validation: Run validation checks to ensure error-free HTML and CSS coding.

  • Robust 404 Error Page: Validate the effectiveness of the 404 error page to guide users seamlessly through unexpected navigational detours.

  • Contact Form Verification: Test the contact form to ensure submissions are correctly directed to an active email.

Content Optimization

  • Proper Formatting: Verify that all web content is correctly formatted and styled for a polished appearance.

  • Keyword-Rich Content: Ensure text contains relevant keywords for improved SEO performance.

  • ALT Text for Images: Attach descriptive ALT text to all images for enhanced accessibility and SEO.

  • Effective Headers and Meta Descriptions: Implement captivating headers and meta descriptions for improved search engine visibility.

  • Thorough Proofreading: Conduct a meticulous proofread to eliminate any lingering errors in the content.

Mobile Responsiveness

  • Full Mobile Responsiveness: Guarantee that the website functions seamlessly on various mobile devices.

  • Clickable Buttons: Confirm buttons are easily clickable and responsive on mobile platforms.

  • Legible Text: Ensure text is legible without the need for zooming on mobile screens.

  • Cross-Device Testing: Test the website on multiple mobile devices to ensure consistent performance.

  • Optimized Mobile Load Time: Enhance mobile load time to provide an efficient and responsive experience for mobile users.

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