Website Quality Assurance Checklist

Comprehensive Website Quality Assurance Evaluation

Objective: This checklist is designed to ensure the functional and optimization aspects of your website.

Instructions: Please tick the checkbox next to each item once it has been completed successfully.

Website Design

  • Confirm the website design aligns with the established brand identity.

  • Ensure consistent use of fonts, colors, and graphics throughout the site.

  • Validate the responsiveness of the website layout on various devices and browsers.

  • Check functionality of all interactive elements, including buttons and links.

  • Optimize images for quick loading without distortion.

Content Quality and SEO

  • Assess all content for high quality, relevance, and SEO optimization.

  • Optimize and fill meta-tags attributes (title, description, keywords) on every page.

  • Incorporate header tags (H1, H2, H3) effectively for improved SEO.

  • Establish a friendly URL structure with key SEO phrases on all pages.

  • Provide alt-text for images containing relevant keywords.

Website Performance

  • Conduct thorough site performance testing to ensure speedy page load times.

  • Verify compatibility with all major browsers and devices.

  • Regularly check for and address broken links within the website.

  • Optimize server response times for improved performance.

  • Ensure adequate space and bandwidth for website hosting.

User Experience

  • Confirm easy navigation with a clear menu and site map.

  • Conduct user experience testing with actual users for valuable insights.

  • Ensure content is reader-friendly and incorporates clear calls-to-action (CTAs).

  • Verify ADA compliance for users with disabilities.

  • Monitor and redirect 404 error pages to the home or relevant pages.


  • Ensure the use of a secure HTTPS connection for enhanced security.

  • Implement and routinely test website backup methods.

  • Regularly update website software and plugins to the latest versions.

  • Conduct regular scans to identify and remove potential malware, implementing necessary security measures.

  • Display a privacy policy and ensure GDPR compliance for user data protection.

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