Website Checklist Before Launch

Strategic Pre-Launch Preparations

This checklist is designed to guide you through the tasks necessary for ensuring the website's objective and purpose are clearly defined and aligned with generating organic traffic. Follow the tasks in each category and mark as complete as you progress.

1. Website Objectives

  • Clearly articulate the website's overarching purpose and goals.

  • Develop a detailed list of specific objectives aligned with the primary goal.

  • Ensure that these objectives are closely tied to the broader business vision.

  • Tailor objectives to not only meet but exceed potential customer needs and desires.

  • Establish measurable metrics to thoroughly evaluate the website's performance against the defined objectives.

2. Website's Purpose

  • Define the website's purpose with clarity, ensuring it is measurable and realistic.

  • Align the website's purpose meticulously with the overall business goals and mission.

  • Thoroughly address the specific needs of the target audience within the purpose.

  • Conduct comprehensive testing of the purpose statement with real audiences to gather invaluable feedback.

  • Implement a dynamic system for regularly updating the website's purpose based on ongoing audience reactions and market dynamics.

3. Organic Traffic Goals

  • Set ambitious yet achievable goals for organic traffic growth.

  • Develop a robust keyword strategy that encompasses the diverse aspects of driving organic traffic.

  • Optimize all website content systematically to enhance organic traffic potential.

  • Institute well-planned strategies for securing quality backlinks, crucial for improving organic traffic.

  • Implement a vigilant and proactive monitoring system for organic traffic performance, with a commitment to making necessary adjustments promptly.

4. Audience Targeting

  • Precisely define the target audience demographics with granular detail.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the target audience's behavior, preferences, and expectations.

  • Assure that the website's design and navigation are not just user-friendly but tailored specifically to the target audience.

  • Adapt the content strategy dynamically based on the evolving needs and preferences of the target audience.

  • Conduct rigorous usability testing with a representative sample of the target audience, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

5. Content Strategy

  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy that integrates seamlessly with the overall objectives.

  • Create a well-structured content calendar, aligning with the timelines and goals of the website launch.

  • Ensure all content is strategically aligned with identified keywords for maximum impact on organic traffic.

  • Maintain a consistent brand voice throughout all content, aligning with the overarching brand identity.

  • Implement a robust system for analyzing and adjusting the content strategy based on real-time website performance data.

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