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First Week Review Outline HR



Welcome to your first week at [Your Company Name]! This review outline serves as a guide to what to expect during your initial week here. Please read through it carefully and feel free to reach out to the HR department for any clarifications or concerns.

Objectives of the First Week Review

  1. Orientation and familiarization with the work environment

  2. Introduction to team members and departments

  3. Understanding of job role and responsibilities

  4. Completion of initial training modules
    Feedback and initial performance assessment


Day-by-Day Overview Table




Day 1




Meet and Greet

Welcome meeting with HR and teammates










Day 2

Introduction to Department



Introduction to Team Members

Meet the people you'll be working with







Day 3

Training Modules



Completion of Basic Training Modules

Basic training in key areas







Day 4

Job-Specific Tasks



Task Assignments

Specific tasks related to your role







Day 5

Feedback and Assessment



One-on-One with Supervisor

Discuss first week experiences







First Week Review Form



Completed (Yes/No)


Day 1

Facility Tour



Day 2

Meet Team Members



Day 3

Basic Training



Day 4

Task Assignments



Day 5

Feedback Session





Employee Signature: ___________________________
Date: November 02, 2050


HR Representative Signature: ____________________
Date: November 02, 2050

This First Week Review Outline is a structured guide to help you navigate through your initial week at [Your Company Name]. We are thrilled to have you join our team, and we want to ensure your smooth transition into our company culture.


For further queries or clarifications, please contact the HR department at [Your Company Email] or [Your Company Number].

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