Sales Client Event Outline

Sales Client Event Outline

Prepared By: [Your Full Name], [Your Position/Title]

1. Event Overview

Event Name: [Event Name]

Date: [Month Day, Year]

Location: [Your Company Name], [Your Company Address]

2. Purpose of the Event

To provide an engaging platform for potential and existing clients to learn about our newest flight training modules, get hands-on experience with our top-tier equipment, and connect with our highly skilled instructors.

3. Target Audience

3.1. Potential flight school enrollees

3.2. Current students looking to expand their training

3.3. Local aviation enthusiasts

3.4. Alumni from [Your Company Name]

4. Event Schedule

The following table presents the event schedule and the respective activities:




4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Guest Arrival and Registration

  • Welcome attendees at the main entrance

  • Distribute event passes and program guides

5. Key Attractions

5.1 Special Discounts

Exclusive event-only deals for attendees who enroll on the spot.

5.2 Photo Opportunities

Capture memories with our aircraft, simulators, and flight instructors.

5.3 Q&A Booth

Address all queries about our courses, aircraft, and instructors.

6. Follow-up Actions

6.1 Feedback Forms

Distribute and collect feedback forms for continuous improvement.

6.2 You Emails

Send personalized thank you emails to attendees within 48 hours post-event.

6.3 Exclusive Offers

Share special promotions to attendees who couldn't enroll during the event.

7. Checklist for Execution

  • Confirm event space and logistics

  • Finalize catering and menu options

  • Ensure all equipment and simulators function optimally

  • Brief instructors and staff on their roles for the event

  • Send out invitations to the target audience

  • Prepare promotional materials and event signage

  • Set up the registration desk and information booths

  • Arrange for event photography and videography

This event aims to not only showcase the excellence and advancements of [Your Company Name] but also to solidify our reputation as the premier choice for aspiring aviators. With a blend of hands-on experiences, knowledge sharing, and networking, we will cement our relationship with existing clients and foster connections with potential students.

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