Sales Client SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Sales Client SLA (Service Level Agreement)

This Client Service Level Agreement is entered into by and between [Your Company Name], hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider, and [Client Company Name], hereinafter referred to as the Client, as of [Effective Date].

WHEREAS, the Client wishes to engage the Service Provider for the provision of comprehensive technical support services, and

WHEREAS, the Service Provider is committed to delivering high-quality services in accordance with industry best practices.

Service Scope:

A. The Service Provider will provide technical support to the Client during regular business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday).

B. Technical support services will cover software and hardware issues, including but not limited to system troubleshooting, software installations, and network configurations.

Service Level Objectives (SLOs):

A. Response Time: The Service Provider commits to acknowledging and initiating the resolution of support requests within 1 hour of receipt during business hours.

B. Resolution Time: The Service Provider aims to resolve or provide a workaround for reported issues within 4 hours of acknowledgment.


Service Provider Responsibilities:

  1. Provide timely and effective technical support.

  2. Regularly update the Client on the status of ongoing issues.

  3. Escalate critical issues to appropriate levels within the organization.

Client Responsibilities:

  1. Promptly report issues and provide relevant information for troubleshooting.

  2. Collaborate with the Service Provider to implement recommended solutions.

Performance Metrics:

The Service Provider will measure performance based on the following metrics:

  1. Response Time

  2. Resolution Time

  3. Uptime Percentage

Escalation Procedures:

In the event an issue cannot be resolved within the agreed-upon time frames, the Service Provider and the Client will follow the escalation procedures outlined in Appendix A attached hereto.

Communication Protocols:

A. The Service Provider and the Client will communicate through email and a designated ticketing system for issue reporting and updates.

B. Regular status meetings will be held to discuss ongoing issues, review performance, and address any concerns.

Penalties and Rewards:

Penalties or rewards associated with meeting or failing to meet the agreed-upon service levels are detailed in Appendix B attached hereto.

Review and Reporting:

A. Regular performance reviews and reporting will take place on a monthly basis, with a formal review meeting scheduled quarterly.

B. Both parties will collaborate on continuous improvement initiatives to enhance service delivery and efficiency.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Client Service Level Agreement as of the Effective Date.

Service Provider

[Authorized Signatory]


Client Company Name

[Authorized Signatory]


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