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Startup Expense Checklist

Startup Expense Checklist

Starting a business is a multifaceted endeavor that encompasses a complicated array of expenses. To make sure you successfully take into account every potential cost involved, it's strongly advised that you utilize this thorough checklist, which has been designed to help you carefully consider all potential expenditures.

I. One-time Startup Costs


Expense Item

Cost ($)


Legal and Regulatory

Incorporation fees


Trademark registration

Patent applications

Legal consultation fees

Workspace Setup

Office rent or lease deposit

Office renovations or improvements

Furniture and fixtures

Equipment (computers, machinery)

Initial Inventory

Raw materials

Finished products

Packaging materials

Technology Infrastructure

Website development (domain, hosting, etc.)

Software licenses (CRM, accounting, etc.)

Hardware (computers, printers, scanners)

Marketing and Branding

Branding and logo design

Marketing materials (business cards, etc.)

Initial advertising campaigns

II. Ongoing Operational Expenses


Expense Item

Monthly Cost ($)


Personnel Costs

Employee salaries and wages


Payroll taxes and benefits

Contractor fees

Facility Expenses

Rent or mortgage payments

Utilities (electricity, water, etc.)

Maintenance and repairs


Liability insurance

Property insurance

Worker's compensation insurance

Marketing and Sales

Advertising and promotional campaigns

Marketing software subscriptions

Sales commissions or incentives

Administrative Costs

Office supplies

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Legal fees for ongoing compliance

III. Miscellaneous Expenses


Expense Item

Cost ($)


Travel and Transportation

Business travel expenses


Vehicle expenses (if applicable)

Training and Development

Employee training programs

Professional development courses

Contingency Fund

Emergency funds for unexpected expenses

Buffer for revenue fluctuations

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