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Sales Lead Source Review

Sales Lead Source Review

Lead Source Information

Lead Source Name

[Your Company Name]


Google Ads Campaign

Review Period

Quarter 2, 2050

Assigned To

[Employee Name]

Review Criteria

Lead Quantity

During the review period, [Your Company Name] generated 500 leads

Lead Quality

Approximately 60% of leads from [Your Company Name] matched our ideal customer profile.

Conversion Rate

15% of leads from [Your Company Name] converted into paying customers.

Cost Per Lead

The cost per lead for [Your Company Name] was $20.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ROI for [Your Company Name] was 3.5, meaning for every $1 spent, we generated $3.50 in revenue.

Lead Response Time

The average response time for leads from [Your Company Name] was 2 hours.

Lead Follow Up

Our lead follow-up strategies for [Your Company Name] were effective, with a 70% engagement rate.


1. Strengths

  • [Your Company Name] consistently generates a high volume of leads.

  • The ROI is above average, making it a cost-effective lead source.

  • Lead follow-up strategies are highly effective.

2. Weaknesses

  • The lead quality could be improved to increase the conversion rate.

  • Response time needs to be reduced for more prompt engagement.

  • Some leads may require more nurturing to reach the conversion stage.


  • Allocate additional budget to [Your Company Name] due to its strong ROI.

  • Focus on lead quality optimization to boost conversion rates.

  • Implement processes to reduce lead response time and enhance lead follow-up strategies.

Action Plan

  • Increase the advertising budget for [Your Company Name] by 20%.

  • Implement lead scoring to filter out low-quality leads.

  • Provide additional training to the sales team to improve response times.

  • Develop a lead nurturing campaign for leads not converting immediately.


The review of the [Your Company Name] lead source has provided valuable insights. By addressing the identified weaknesses and implementing the recommended actions, we aim to further enhance the performance of this lead source and maximize our return on investment.

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