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Sales Social Media Lead Evaluation

Sales Social Media Lead Evaluation


The Sales Social Media Lead Evaluation is designed to assess and score leads generated from social media platforms. This process helps prioritize and qualify leads for more effective engagement and conversion.

Lead Details

Lead Name:

Lead Source:

Lead Contact Information:

Lead Description:

Lead Engagement Level:

Evaluation Criteria

Profile Information

Lead's LinkedIn profile is comprehensive, indicating a professional background in IT.

Engagement Activity

The lead frequently shares and comments on our posts, showing strong engagement.

Lead Interaction

The lead previously attended a webinar on cloud security.

Lead Qualification

The lead indicates a need for cloud security solutions and mentions a decision-making role.

Scoring and Evaluation

Profile Information


Engagement Activity

Lead Interaction

Lead Qualification

Total Score


Evaluation Outcome

This lead is highly qualified and ready for a direct sales outreach. Schedule a call to discuss their specific cloud security needs.

Action Plan

  1. Schedule a call with the lead to discuss their cloud security needs. 

  2. Prepare targeted content highlighting relevant solutions and benefits.


Record Keeping: Document the lead's evaluation in our CRM for tracking and follow-up. Include notes on specific points of interest and potential pain points.

The Sales Social Media Lead Evaluation process ensures that leads from social media platforms are systematically assessed and prioritized, enabling a more effective and targeted sales approach. This approach results in higher conversion rates and better lead engagement.

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