Sales New Lead Source Resolution

Sales New Lead Source Resolution


The Sales New Lead Source Resolution is designed to establish a clear framework for evaluating and implementing new lead sources. This resolution aims to enhance lead generation and diversify the channels through which potential leads are acquired.

I. Lead Source Evaluation

Definition of New Source:

We are exploring the option of partnering with industry influencers.

Criteria for Evaluation:

Criteria include audience reach, relevance to our products, and past success in lead generation.

Data Analysis:

Analyze the influencer's past campaigns and their conversion rates.

II. Risk Assessment

Risk Identification:

Risk of not reaching the desired audience if the influencer's following isn't aligned with our target demographic.

Mitigation Strategies:

Develop a contingency plan for other lead sources in case this doesn't yield the expected results.

III. Pilot Program

Pilot Implementation:

Collaborate with a single influencer for a limited-time campaign.

Performance Metrics:

Track lead generation, conversion rates, and cost per lead.

IV. Analysis and Decision

Post-Pilot Evaluation:

The pilot program with Influencer A generated [000] leads with a [00]% conversion rate.

Decision Making:

Given the positive results, we decide to expand our collaboration with multiple influencers.

V. Implementation

A. Scaling Up: To capitalize on the positive outcomes, we will proactively identify and collaborate with additional influencers within the industry. This scaling-up strategy is geared towards maximizing the impact of influencer-sourced leads on our overall sales funnel.

B. Integration: To streamline our lead management processes, we will update and enhance our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration ensures that influencer-sourced leads are effectively managed, tracked, and seamlessly integrated into our sales ecosystem.

VI. Documentation and Reporting

Keeping meticulous records is paramount to the success of our influencer collaborations. Detailed documentation of each collaboration, along with comprehensive lead generation statistics, will be maintained. This not only facilitates transparency but also provides valuable insights for future strategic planning and decision-making.

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