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Sales Quote Clarification Slip

Sales Quote Clarification Slip

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Sales Operations Manager: [Your Name]

Date: [Date]

Client Information:

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Clarification Request:

Dear Joshua,

I hope this message finds you well. We appreciate your interest in our proposal, Quote ID FTSQ2050-007, for the project. Your inquiry regarding certain aspects of the proposal is important to us, and we want to ensure that we address your questions and concerns effectively.

Pricing Clarification:

You mentioned concerns about the pricing structure, specifically with regard to the breakdown of costs. We are happy to provide a more detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the project. Would you like us to include a breakdown of material costs, labor costs, and overhead in the revised quote?

Delivery Timeline:

You also inquired about the projected delivery timeline. We understand that timely delivery is critical for your project. We will provide a revised proposal that includes a more detailed project schedule with key milestones and delivery dates. Is there a specific deadline you are working towards?

Technical Specifications:

If you require any further details regarding the technical specifications, please specify which aspects you would like us to elaborate on. This will help us address your concerns more accurately.

Payment Terms:

Could you please specify if you have specific payment terms or schedules in mind? We are open to discussing and accommodating your preferred payment structure.

Scope of Services:

If there are any specific details you'd like to clarify or modify regarding the scope of services, please let us know, and we will revise the proposal accordingly.

Please provide us with the necessary clarifications or additional information to help us meet your expectations more effectively. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure a successful partnership.

Thank you for considering [Your Company Name] for your project. We look forward to your response and addressing your concerns promptly. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Best Regards,


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[Your Company Name]

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