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Sales Proposal Assessment

Sales Proposal Assessment

Company Name: [Your Company Name]

Assessment Date: October 15, 2053

Assessment Conducted By: [Your Name]

Prospect/Client: [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party]

Sales Professional: [Name]

Document Number: D-0009

Sales Proposal Title: Comprehensive IT Solutions for [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party]


  1. Check each box next to the assessment criteria.

  2. If the statement applies, tick "YES"; otherwise, mark "NO."

  3. Provide additional comments or suggestions if necessary.

  4. Ensure thorough evaluation for effective improvements.

Assessment Area



Additional Comments/Suggestions

The introduction clearly states the purpose and context of the proposal.

The proposal identifies and addresses [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party]'s specific needs and pain points.

The proposed solution is presented in a clear and concise manner.

The proposal effectively communicates the value of the solution.

The pricing structure is transparent and easy to understand.

Relevant testimonials and case studies are included.

There is a clear and compelling call to action.

Visual elements enhance the proposal.

The language is professional and free of grammatical errors.

The proposal is well-organized with a logical flow.


Assessor: [Your Name]

Date: October 15, 2053

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