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Sales Quote Rejection Resolution

Sales Quote Rejection Resolution

I. Executive Summary

The purpose of this document is to comprehensively examine and address the rejection of Sales Quote #[0000]. Our objective is to identify the key areas of concern raised by you and propose robust solutions to align with your expectations. We aim to strengthen our business relationship by fine-tuning our offerings based on the insights gained from this evaluation.

II. Background

Sales Quote #[0000] was issued on [Month Day, Year], to provide you with a detailed pricing and service structure for our specialized software solutions. The quote was rejected on [Month Day, Year, due to a variety of reasons. This document serves as a thorough response to that rejection, with the intent of understanding your concerns and improving our offer.

III. Sales Quote Rejection Analysis

A. Rejection Reason Categorization

After closely examining your feedback, we've classified the reasons for rejection into three primary categories:

  1. Pricing Issues: Your feedback suggests that our pricing was not competitive.

  1. Service Offerings: The scope of services included in the quote did not meet your specific needs.

  1. Terms and Conditions: Certain contractual terms were not agreeable to you.

B. Data Analysis

Upon internal assessment, the following data emerged:

  1. Pricing Issues: Account for [00%] of the rejection reasons

  1. Service Offerings: Account for [00%] of the rejection reasons

  1. Terms and Conditions: Account for [00%] of the rejection reasons

C. Customer Feedback and Comments

We received the following specific comments from you:

  1. The pricing is higher than the industry standard.

IV. Proposed Solutions

A. Immediate Solutions

  1. For Pricing Issues: A [00%] discount on the overall cost, amounting to a reduction of [$0000] on the initial quote.

  1. For Service Offerings: Inclusion of [0] months of free maintenance service, equivalent to a [$000] value.

  1. For Terms and Conditions: Changing the payment terms to a more flexible [00]-day window.

B. Long-term Solutions

  1. Tailored Service Packages: Offering more customizable plans tailored to your specific needs.

  1. Pricing Lock: Commitment to lock the current rate for [number in words] years.

  1. Dedicated Support Team: Establishing a dedicated support team exclusive to your account.

V. Financials

A. Cost Impact Analysis

The table below showcases the result of the analysis:


Immediate Cost Impact

Long-term Cost Impact





[Enhance competitiveness and customer satisfaction]

Free Maintenance

Flexible Payment

B. ROI Calculations

Based on the new adjustments, the anticipated Return on Investment (ROI) for you is projected to be around [30%] over the next [12 months].

VI. Risk Assessment

The only substantial risk that we foresee involves allocating a significant amount of our resources towards the creation of customized solutions. However, the potential benefits that we could gain from these custom solutions highly surpass any risks associated with the investment of resources, making this a significantly worthwhile endeavor.

VII. Timeline and Milestones

The table below showcases the timeline and the respective milestones:



February 5, 2051

Submission of revised sales quote

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