Sales Collateral Update Resolution

Sales Collateral Update Resolution

Resolution Date: [Month Day, Year] Resolution Number: [SCUR-2050-001]

Author: [Your Name] Author Email: [Your Email]

Subject: [Sales Collateral Update]

I. Background

The market dynamics in the past year have shifted significantly due to the emergence of new competitors and evolving customer preferences.

II. Scope

This resolution addresses the need to update our existing sales collateral, including brochures, presentations, and product guides, to stay aligned with our evolving market and customer expectations.

III. Resolution Details

A. Collateral to Update

  • Product Brochures

  • Sales Presentations

  • Product Guides

B. Reason for Update

The reason for updating these materials is to reflect recent product enhancements, rebranding efforts, and to better address the changing needs of our target audience.

C. Proposed Updates

  • Update product images and specifications

  • Incorporate the new brand logo and colors

  • Revise content to emphasize the benefits of our latest product features

IV. Timeline

Design updates:

[Month Day, Year]

Content updates:

Final approval:

V. Approval

[John Smith - [email protected]] (Author)

  • Approve

  • Disapprove

[Jane Doe - [email protected]] (Second Approver)

  • Approve

  • Disapprove

VI. Resolution Outcome

This resolution has been approved by the author, [John Smith], with no objections.

VII. Implementation

  • Design and Content Updates: [John Smith] is responsible for making the design and content updates as outlined in section III.

  • Approval Process: The approval process involves a single approver, John Smith, who will review and approve the updated collateral.

  • Distribution: Updated collateral will be distributed to the sales team via email and will also be available on our company's internal portal.

VIII. Resolution Record

Attached to this resolution is a comprehensive record of the updates made to the sales collateral.

A. Attachments

  • Updated Brochure

  • Revised Presentation

  • Enhanced Product Guide

IX. Signatures

By signing below, you acknowledge and agree to the updates outlined in this Sales Collateral Update Resolution.

Author's Signature:

[Your Name]

[Month Day, Year]

Second Approver's Signature:

[Approver's Name]

[Month Day, Year]

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