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Sales Training Policy

Sales Training Policy

I. Introduction

Policy Statement

This Sales Training Policy establishes the rules and procedures governing the sales training programs provided by [Your Company Name]. The document outlines the scope, objectives, eligibility criteria, types of training, and related processes.

Purpose of This Document

The purpose of this policy document is to inform sales staff and concerned stakeholders about the training standards, programs, procedures, and requirements within the organization. It aims to keep all concerned parties aligned with the company's goals in upgrading the skills of its sales force.


In an increasingly competitive market, well-trained sales staff can significantly affect a company's growth and customer satisfaction rates. This policy aims to create a structured and measurable framework for enhancing the sales team's capabilities.

II. Scope

Who is Covered

This policy is applicable to all sales employees working at [Your Company Name]—this includes full-time, part-time, contractual, remote, and freelance sales personnel.

Geographical Scope

The policy being referred to applies effectively in each and every geographical location where [Your Company Name] has established a presence. This includes areas where our employees are working remotely.

III. Objectives

Skill Enhancement

The primary objective is to enhance the skills of the sales team through training in areas such as product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer interaction. This ensures that they are equipped to meet and exceed sales targets.


A secondary objective is to ensure a standard process and knowledge base among all sales staff, making it easier to achieve consistency in performance and customer engagement.


The policy also aims to keep the sales staff updated on compliance and ethical standards relevant to their work, thereby minimizing risks associated with non-compliance.

IV. Eligibility

General Eligibility

All members of the sales team are required to undergo training, irrespective of their position or seniority. This universal approach ensures that all staff are aligned with the company's sales objectives.

Special Cases

In special cases, training may be mandated by the sales director or HR for staff from other departments who engage in sales-related activities. This could include customer service reps who upsell services or products.

V. Types of Sales Training

Onboarding Training

New hires are to undergo a two-week onboarding program. This training will introduce them to the company culture, basic sales strategies, and their primary roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Product Training

Product training sessions will be held quarterly and will last for one week. These sessions provide comprehensive insights into the features, advantages, and benefits of our products, along with their real-world applications.

Skills Training

Skills training lasts for two days and includes techniques such as effective negotiation, crafting compelling sales pitches, and providing excellent customer service. These trainings are practical and are often conducted by senior sales staff or external experts.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is a one-day session conducted bi-annually to keep the sales team updated on legal obligations, ethics, and internal company policies concerning their work.

VI. Training Procedure







2 weeks

Company culture, sales basics


HR Team


1 week

Product specifications


Product Managers


2 days

Advanced sales techniques


Sales Director


1 day

Regulatory policies


Legal Team

VII. Budget and Financing

A yearly budget of $[Amount] is allocated for sales training. This includes the cost for materials, venue, and trainers. Expenses exceeding this amount need special approval from the Finance department.

VIII. Monitoring and Evaluation

Sales staff will be required to complete an evaluation form after each training session. A performance tracking system will monitor how training impacts sales numbers. The findings will be reviewed quarterly to adapt the training programs as necessary.

IX. Revision and Updates

This policy will be reviewed annually, and updates will be made as necessary. Employees will be notified of any changes via email and are responsible for reviewing the updated policy.

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