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External Sales Training Feasibility Study

External Sales Training Feasibility Study

Executive Summary

The [Your Company Name] has undertaken a comprehensive Sales Feasibility Study aimed at evaluating the practicality of introducing external sales training solutions to a diverse range of businesses and organizations. In this exhaustive analysis, we delve into multiple critical aspects, including gauging the dynamics of market demand, discerning the nuances of the competitive landscape, generating prudent financial projections, and identifying and mitigating potential risks inherent in the establishment of an external sales training program.

Our commitment to this endeavor underscores our dedication to serving the evolving needs of businesses and organizations seeking excellence in sales performance. Through the following pages, we provide an in-depth exploration of the ever-evolving market conditions, providing insights to position ourselves as pioneers in this domain. We illuminate the competitive landscape, unveiling strategies to differentiate our services from established and emerging competitors.

Furthermore, our financial projections shed light on the expected growth trajectory, underlining the robust revenue potential of our venture. This study not only elucidates the opportunities but also highlights the potential challenges and presents sound strategies to mitigate associated risks.


In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and business development, [Your Company Name], a distinguished consulting entity renowned for its innovative solutions, has embarked on a visionary mission. We are now poised to delve into the realm of pioneering excellence by contemplating the inception of an external sales training program.

Our initiative is strategically designed to not just meet, but exceed, the needs of contemporary businesses and organizations seeking to elevate their sales teams' performance. The aspiration is to craft a transformative experience that equips sales professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to thrive in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Our journey begins with the creation of a comprehensive and bespoke sales training program tailored to the unique aspirations of our esteemed clients.


The primary objectives of this feasibility study are as follows:

  • To determine the demand for external sales training in the market.

  • To assess the competitive landscape and identify potential competitors.

  • To outline the details of the sales training program.

  • To provide financial projections for the proposed program.

  • To identify potential risks and mitigation strategies.

  • To develop a marketing and sales strategy.

  • To create an operational plan for program implementation.

Market Analysis

Market Overview

The market for external sales training services in [Year] is robust and growing. Businesses across various industries are looking for ways to enhance the skills and performance of their sales teams in a highly competitive business environment.

Market Demand

The demand for sales training is expected to increase, driven by the need for businesses to adapt to changing consumer behaviors, evolving technology, and globalization. Our research suggests a significant untapped market with potential clients seeking external sales training solutions.

Market Trends

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales, understanding and capitalizing on emerging market trends is vital for success. The year [Year] witnesses a transformative shift in how businesses approach their sales strategies, with key trends shaping the industry's future. These trends are as follows:

  1. Digital Sales Techniques and Technology Adoption

  • Digital Sales Techniques: The incorporation of advanced digital sales techniques has become a cornerstone of sales strategy, with businesses now allocating [%] of their budgets to digital channels. This figure is a substantial increase from just [%] a decade ago.

  • Technology Adoption: Technology is at the forefront of sales innovation, with businesses investing an average of $[Amount] million annually in sales technologies. Notably, [%] of businesses have adopted AI-driven sales automation tools to streamline their processes and boost productivity.

  1. Sustainable and Ethical Sales Practices

  • Sustainable Sales: With global sustainability concerns intensifying, [%] of businesses have shifted their focus toward sustainable practices. Notably, [%] have adopted eco-friendly packaging solutions, reducing their carbon footprint by an estimated [%].

  • Ethical Sales: In [Year], ethical considerations have a significant influence on purchasing decisions. Over [%] of customers now prefer to buy from businesses that demonstrate ethical values. Sales teams are undergoing specialized training, with a [%] increase in enrollment in ethics-focused sales courses.

  1. Tailored Sales Training Programs Based on Industry-Specific Needs

  • Industry-Specific Tailoring: Businesses recognize the importance of tailored sales training, with [%] investing in industry-specific programs. The manufacturing sector leads with a [%] increase in demand for training specifically designed for their industry.

Curriculum: Comprehensive Sales Mastery

The program includes in-depth coverage of essential topics such as negotiation, relationship building, CRM systems, and sales analytics. These pillars of modern sales are meticulously dissected, allowing participants to gain a deep understanding of their practical application and strategic importance.

  1. Negotiation: Our curriculum delves into the art and science of negotiation, equipping participants with the tools and techniques to secure deals, resolve conflicts, and achieve win-win outcomes. Practical negotiation scenarios and exercises ensure that participants are well-prepared to navigate complex negotiation situations.

  2. Relationship Building: In an era where customer relationships are paramount, our program dedicates significant attention to relationship building. Participants learn the art of fostering lasting connections with clients and prospects, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and long-term business success.

  3. CRM Systems: The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems is integral to modern sales. We provide a comprehensive guide to effectively utilizing CRM tools, helping participants streamline sales processes, manage leads, and optimize customer interactions for increased sales efficiency.

  4. Sales Analytics: Understanding and utilizing data-driven insights is fundamental to sales success. Our program introduces participants to the world of sales analytics, guiding them in harnessing data to make informed decisions, track performance, and adapt strategies for continuous improvement.

Financial Feasibility

Cost projections indicate the investment needed for training material development and other items. These projections underpin the program's financial viability and potential for sustainable growth.

Cost Item

Amount ($)

Training Material Development


Trainers’ Fees

Logistical Expenses

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Marketing Plan

Our marketing strategy employs cutting-edge digital campaigns directed at prospective clients, enhancing our online presence. We'll forge strategic partnerships with industry associations, cementing our credibility. Thought leadership content creation is central to our plan, positioning us as authorities in the field and attracting engaged audiences.

Sales Strategy

A dedicated sales team will be at the forefront, engaging potential clients personally. We'll craft bespoke sales pitches, tailored to the unique needs of various industry sectors, ensuring our approach is both persuasive and impactful. This strategy will solidify our connections and drive success in the competitive market.

Operational Plan

Program Launch

In the initial phase of our operational plan, we will focus on assembling a highly skilled team of trainers, meticulously selected for their expertise in the sales domain. Simultaneously, we will dedicate resources to the development of comprehensive course materials tailored to the evolving needs of our clients. Additionally, we will establish a robust online learning infrastructure to facilitate a seamless and flexible learning experience. To ensure success, we will form a dedicated sales and marketing team responsible for reaching out to potential clients and forging key partnerships within the industry.

Ongoing Operations

Once launched, our operational plan shifts towards continuous improvement and adaptability. We will consistently monitor the program's effectiveness, analyzing key performance metrics and tracking participant progress. This proactive approach will allow us to gather valuable feedback, enabling us to make necessary adjustments in real-time to ensure the program remains highly relevant and effective. Furthermore, we commit to the ongoing enhancement of training materials, ensuring that our clients receive the most up-to-date and innovative sales training content available in the market.


The Sales Feasibility Study for External Sales Training has unequivocally revealed a burgeoning demand for our program. With a strategic edge over competitors, an all-encompassing training curriculum that evolves with industry trends, and robust financial projections showcasing a clear path to profitability, [Your Company Name] stands poised to not only meet but exceed the expectations of prospective clients, thus cementing its status as the preeminent provider of external sales training services in the ever-evolving landscape of [Year] and beyond.

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