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Sales SLA for Delivery after Closing

Sales SLA for Delivery after Closing

This Service Level Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party], herein referred to as the "Client," and [Your Company Name], herein referred to as the "Provider." The Agreement takes effect on [Month Day, Year], serving as the formal inception date for the responsibilities, deliverables, and service levels agreed upon herein.

I. Purpose of the Agreement

The primary objective of this Agreement is to formally define the quality of service, standards, and practices that Provider shall adhere to in providing efficient, reliable, and timely Sales Delivery services to the Client after the closing of sales.

II. Definitions

  • Sales Closure: Refers to the successful finalization of a sales transaction, which typically involves formal acceptance of terms and conditions, as well as financial exchanges, between the Client and their customers.

  • Delivery Window: Specifies the agreed-upon time frame following Sales Closure within which the Provider commits to completing the delivery of products, services, or digital goods.

  • Digital Asset: Any form of content, files, or data made available digitally, including but not limited to, software, PDF files, and online services.

III. Service Scope

  1. Within twenty-four (24) hours of Sales Closure, the Provider shall initiate the order processing system to prepare the ordered products, services, or digital assets for prompt delivery.

  1. The Provider will continually monitor stock levels to ensure sufficient quantities of products are available to fulfill the Client’s orders, thus mitigating delays due to stock-outs.

  1. Prior to dispatch, the Provider shall undertake rigorous quality checks to validate that all products, services, or digital assets align with the Client's quality criteria and industry standards.

  1. The Provider will manage all logistical aspects of delivery, leveraging optimized routes and vetted carriers to ensure a timely and safe arrival of the products to the end-user.

  1. For Digital Assets, the Provider will utilize secure and swift electronic transmission methods to deliver files or access credentials to the end-users.

  1. After successful delivery, the Provider will remain available to handle customer queries, troubleshoot issues, and facilitate returns or exchanges, as stipulated in the Client’s policies.

IV. Service Fees


Base Fee

Order Processing

$25 per order

Basic Delivery

$100 per order

Express Delivery

$200 per order

Inventory Management

$100 per month

Packaging and Labeling

$10 per package

Post-Delivery Support

$50 per hour

  1. Acceptable payment mechanisms encompass wire transfers, certified company checks, and secure online payment portals.

  1. Should the Client fail to meet the payment deadlines outlined in this Agreement, a late payment fee will be assessed. This fee will be calculated in accordance with prevailing industry standards and applicable laws.

  1. The Provider explicitly reserves the right to take one or more of the following actions if payments are not received within the mutually agreed-upon timeframe:

  • A temporary halt on all ongoing and future services until all outstanding payments, including any applicable late fees, are fully settled.

  • Full cessation of all services, which may also trigger legal actions for breach of contract.

V. Obligations

A. Provider's Obligations

  1. The Provider pledges to deliver all services outlined in this Agreement, adhering to the highest industry standards and in a manner that aligns with the Client's business objectives.

  1. Implement rigorous quality control measures at multiple stages throughout the service delivery process to ensure alignment with the Client's specifications and industry benchmarks.

  1. The Provider is obligated to meet all agreed-upon deadlines, as stipulated in this Agreement barring unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the control of either Party.

  1. Maintain open lines of communication with the Client, including regular reporting on project milestones, financial expenditures, and any issues that may impact the quality or timing of service delivery.

B. Client's Obligations

  1. The Client agrees to fulfill all payment obligations as outlined in this Agreement, including any applicable taxes or other additional charges.

  1. Provide constructive and timely feedback at various stages of the project to facilitate continuous improvement and to prevent any project delays.

  1. Furnish the Provider with all necessary access, be it physical or digital, to data, personnel, and other resources required for the efficient delivery of services.

VI. Amendments

To enact any alterations, amendments, or modifications to this Agreement, mutual consent is required. Such changes must be documented meticulously in writing and be endorsed by duly authorized representatives from both Parties. Any changes made in a manner inconsistent with this provision shall be deemed void and unenforceable.

VII. Signatures

By affixing their respective signatures below, both Parties unequivocally acknowledge their comprehensive understanding, concurrence, and acceptance of the terms and conditions delineated in this Agreement.

[Your Name]

Sales Manager

[Your Company Name]

[Month Day, Year]

[Representative's Name]

Sales Manager

[Your Partner Company Name / Second Party]

[Month Day, Year]

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