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Sales Special Drive Incentive Program

Sales Special Drive Incentive Program

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Dear Sales Team,

I am excited to introduce our Special Drive Incentive Program designed to motivate and reward exceptional performance in achieving specific sales targets. This program is a testament to our commitment to recognizing and appreciating your hard work and dedication to our company's success.

Program Period

The Special Drive Incentive Program will run from [Start Date] to [End Date], giving you ample time to work towards achieving your goals and earning exceptional rewards.


All sales team members are eligible to participate in this program. Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or new to the team, you have the opportunity to excel and earn extra rewards.

Key Performance Metrics

To participate in this program, you will need to focus on the following key performance metrics:

  1. Sales Target: Your monthly sales target for the program period.

  1. Customer Retention: Maintaining a high rate of customer retention and repeat business.

  1. Upselling and Cross-selling: Successfully promoting additional products or services to existing customers.

  1. New Customer Acquisition: Bringing in new clients to expand our customer base.

  1. Sales Product Mix: Achieving a balanced mix of our product offerings.

Incentive Tiers

To make the program even more exciting, we have set up multiple incentive tiers based on your performance. The more you achieve, the higher the rewards you will earn. Here are the incentive tiers:

  1. Stellar Achiever: Achieving 80% of the monthly sales target. Stellar Achievers will receive a weekend getaway package for two to a luxurious destination of their choice.

  1. Silver Star: Achieving 100% of the monthly sales target. Silver Stars will earn a cash bonus equivalent to 5% of their total sales revenue for the program period.

  1. Golden Prodigy: Achieving 120% of the monthly sales target. Golden Prodigies will be recognized with a prestigious 'Salesperson of the Year' award and will receive a luxury watch as a token of appreciation.

  1. Platinum Champion: Achieving 150% of the monthly sales target. Platinum Champions will receive a fully paid vacation for their entire family to a dream destination, including airfare, accommodation, and activities.


The rewards for each tier are carefully selected to ensure they are meaningful and motivating. We understand the importance of your hard work and commitment, and we want to reward you accordingly. These fictional rewards are intended to inspire you to aim high and achieve your targets.

Program Reporting

We will regularly track and report your progress towards your sales targets and the specific metrics outlined above. Regular updates and performance feedback will be provided to help you stay on track and improve your chances of reaching higher tiers.

We believe that this Special Drive Incentive Program will not only motivate you to excel but also foster a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition within our sales team. The results achieved during this program will not only benefit you but also contribute to our company's growth and success.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification regarding this program. Let's make this program a great success and achieve remarkable results together!

Best regards,

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