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Sales Slip for Reporting Commission Discrepancies

Sales Slip for Reporting Commission Disparities

This Sales Slip for Reporting Commission Discrepancies prepared by [Your Company Name] creates a systematic approach to mitigate errors and embody the brand's unique identity.

1. Details of Discrepancy

Sales Representative Name

[Your Name] 

Sales Period

[Quarter] [Year]

Commission Calculation Period

[Quarter] [Year]

Commission Plan:

[Commission Plan Name]

2. Description of Discrepancy

Please find below the details of the commission discrepancy for the mentioned sales representative and period:

Gross Sales Amount


Commission Rate


Expected Commission


Actual Commission


3. Discrepancy Explanation

[Your Name]’s sales commission for [Quarter] [Year] is $6,800, which is $700 less than the expected commission of $7,500. Upon further examination, we found that there is an error in one of the sales transactions for the month of September, which has not been included in the commission calculation. This omission has resulted in the commission discrepancy.

4. Supporting Documents

  • Sales Reports

  • Customer records

Please review the provided information and take the necessary steps to resolve this commission discrepancy by recalculating [Your Name]'s commission for [Quarter] [Year], including the missing sales transaction for [Month].

  1. Recalculate [Your Name]'s commission for [Quarter] [Year], including the omitted sale from [Month].

  2. Ensure that the corrected commission is reflected in her next paycheck.

I will follow up on the progress of this discrepancy resolution on [Month Day, Year].

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We aim to ensure the accuracy and fairness of our commission calculations, and your cooperation in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.


[Your Name]

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