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Sales Memo on Changes in Incentive Eligibility


Date: [Month Day, Year]

To: [Sales Team]

Subject: [Revised Incentive Eligibility Criteria]

This memorandum informs the entire sales team of the forthcoming changes in the incentive eligibility criteria. These revisions have been designed to better align with our strategic goals and to reward high-performing team members for their contributions to our company’s success.

Revised Incentive Eligibility Criteria:

Sales Volume

Incentive Rate

Eligibility Period

Required Score

$60,000 - $110,000



Above 80%

Please note the following important changes:

  1. The sales volume thresholds have been adjusted to encourage higher sales targets.

  2. Incentive rates have been increased to reflect the greater value of sales achievements.

  3. Eligibility periods have been extended to semi-annual assessments to foster sustained performance.

  4. Introducing a required customer satisfaction score ensures customer service quality is integral to sales performance.

These changes will take effect starting [Month Day, Year]. Sales figures and customer satisfaction scores for the first assessment period under the new criteria will be calculated starting on this date, with the first revised incentives to be disbursed in [Month Day, Year].

Your efforts and achievements are greatly valued. We are confident these changes will encourage a more focused and customer-oriented approach, benefiting our clients and our company's growth. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding these changes to the Sales Management Office.


[Your Name]

[Job Title]

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