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Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

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[YOUR COMPANY NAME] is currently looking for a dedicated, diligent, efficient, and well-organized Administrative Assistant. Primarily, the nature of the tasks and obligations performed by an administrative assistant involves the provision of support and managerial assistance to the administrative head or supervisor. We need an administrative assistant that is professional, service-oriented, and proactive. 


The principal duties and responsibilities of an administrative assistant are as follows: 

  • Organize and plan inter-office meetings;
  • Regularly update the calendar of activities and engagements of the office/ department; 
  • Document and diligently record the highlights and relevant dynamics of meetings, seminars, forums, business symposiums, and other related business conferences and gatherings; 
  • Research, consolidate, organize and prepare reports and PowerPoint presentations both for the business executives and the company’s clients; 
  • Make venue reservations as per the conduct of the company-sponsored activities; 
  • Considered as one of the  front-liners in terms of welcoming clients and other company guests; 
  • Outline, prepare, organize, and update the schedule and work calendar of their respective administrative supervisors; 
  • Depending on the circumstances and actual need of the office or company, the administrative assistant shall also perform general bookkeeping engagements and accounting subject to the review of his or her administrative supervisor or head; 
  • Provide support in the administration of company contacts and correspondences; 
  • Conduct and perform tasks and obligations pertaining to inventory control and management; 


Aside from the foregoing list of duties and responsibilities, [YOUR COMPANY NAME] expects its administrative assistants to perform the following tasks and obligations: 

  • Contribute in looking for solutions to administrative problems and dilemmas;
  • Perform basic administrative errands and other specific tasks which are directed by his or her immediate supervisor; 


Here are the required credentials and qualifications needed in relation to the applicant’s educational background and work experiences. 

Educational Competence:

The administrative assistant must be a graduate of a [EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION]. We also prefer those applicants who can provide certificates and licenses [DETAIL].

Work Experiences: 

The administrative assistant must have [NUMBER] years of working experience as an administrative assistant, aid, or support. 


The administrative assistant must possess the following skills: 

  • Expert in making business reports and presentations; 
  • Proficiency in using documentation-related software and programs; 
  • Outstanding communication skills 
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Has comprehensive knowledge pertaining to research and analysis approaches and systems; and other related skills. 

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