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Generic Intern Job Description

Generic Intern Job Description

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Looking for a template to help you create a document that outlines all the responsibilities expected of a newly hired intern? Use our Generic Intern Job Description template to help you draft a job description for those tasked with the responsibility of assisting the staff with general office duties including research, data entry, filing, and general coordination. Be sure to get this instantly while it is still available. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with its professionally-designed suggestive content you can customize to better suit your preferences. Download now and use it for your maximum benefit!



Job description

Interns are students between high school and post graduate looking to fill in temporary positions in a company, which may be paid or unpaid. An internship is usually an exchange of services between the company and the student, whereby the former receives additional assistance while the latter gains experience.

[COMPANY NAME] is currently in need of internship students to work in [SPECIFIC INTERNSHIP JOB POSITION] specializing in [SPECIFY THE DEGREE].


  • Assists in the [SPECIFIC DEPARTMENT]
  • May be assigned to [SPECIFY NATURE OF JOB / FIELD WORK]
  • Serves as the counterpart of [SPECIFIC JOB]


  • Must be a graduating student of [SPECIFIC COURSE]
  • Must render [NUMBER] hours of internship work
  • Proactive and takes initiative
  • A team player

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