How to Make an IT/Software Organizational Chart in Google Docs

With the steady and fast growth of the IT and software industry comes the high demand for IT experts and professionals. In fact, they are one of the most sought-after members of the labor force today. In 2018, there were a total of 2.8 million employees working in this sector of the U.S. employment pool, according to Statista. This data evidently proves the positive side effects of the growth of this industry.

With more job offerings comes the challenge of proper employee management. To overcome such challenges, a detailed and updated hierarchy structure is necessary. If you want to streamline both the internal and external processes and operations in your company, then go through the series of steps that we have listed down below.

1. Gather your Needed Data

A typical business comes with a lot of key roles, each performing different kinds of tasks and responsibilities. If you are creating the organizational chart or organigram to depict the internal structure of your IT/software company as a whole, then identifying the key roles involved in the business should be your starting point. If it's a large scale company, then there are a lot of them to note. Jot them down in a list. Start with their correctly spelled name, and beside it should be their corresponding job titles in the company.

2. Group Them Accordingly

Creating organizational Flowcharts deals with a lot of names and job titles. To avoid confusion on your end, always sort them out according to the department that they belong to. Doing this helps you avoid a cluttered format for your organizational chart. Using the list of data that you have gathered, categorize each job title according to where they fit. In sorting them out, make sure to start with the department followed by the next high ranking position.

3. Draft its Structure

Before you start creating your organizational chart in Powerpoint or MS Word, draft it out first in a clean paper. Base on the data that you have gathered, start visualizing the structure that you want for it. You can have it in either landscape or portrait orientation style. In creating its structure, you are given two options. You can have it in a more complex manner by creating it from scratch, or you can make use of ready-made templates. We have curated some of the above, so try to check it out. If you wish to enhance its features further, simply download it in Google Docs file format, and you're good to go.

4. Arrange the Roles Properly

To make your IT/software organizational chart more reasonable, make sure that you place the job titles in the right places. Utilize the hierarchical structure in arranging them. Start with the high-ranking job title down to the lowest one. For instance, if you're creating a project management organizational chart, then the chart should depict the names of employees that belong to the project team. Lastly, wrap up your org chart making by reviewing it, addressing identified errors, and finalizing everything.

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