How to Create an IT/Software Organizational Chart

Organizational charts or flowcharts are a graphic representation of the company hierarchy. Its purpose is to illustrate the relationship of one position to another in regards to the chain of command. It should be informative and give a clear idea of who are the people in charge and what are their responsibilities when it comes to the management of the organization. Therefore if you have plans to create your organization's organizational chart, it would be helpful if you learn the basics of making one. The following are tips on how to create an effective organizational chart.

1. Make Sure That Your Organizational Chart Fits in One Page

A typical chart displays the necessary information on just page. This is to make sure that people won't have to go out their way and flip through pages of a public information document. They just don't have that time, and it makes it difficult for other people to see the information posted there.

Try to learn some graphic template design concepts and techniques. Remember, you are making a chart, not a document, so keep it all on one page. In this regard, make sure you have effective use of the space available to you since it is very limited. To save space, you can put people who have the same functions and positions in one box. Try making your chart look neat by making the boxes uniform in size and put even spaces between them.

2.Gather the Names and Position Necessary For Your Chart

You can make the process easy by simply having access to your employee data and importing the list to a document that you can use to input the information on your chart later. You can use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and even Google Docs when making your chart.

3.Input the Name and Position Correctly

When inputting the position, you should put the job title first, and then you can put the name of the person occupying the position. If ever there is someone that occupies two distinct positions, make sure to put that person's name in two different boxes. You should prioritize space for the position and not the person. Your goal here is to be informative about what jobs and job descriptions are present.

Another thing to consider is the font size. Even if you are trying to save space, you have to make sure that the information in your chat is readable. Otherwise, there is no meaning in making your chart.

4.Have an Effective Way to Spread Your Organizational Chart

Your organizational chart exists so that it could inform people of your organization's hierarchy, so finding effective ways to disseminate it would be very helpful. Usually, your organization chart is always displayed in the area in your workplace, where it is most visible. It could be in your lobby or maybe in a conference room.

Nowadays, we have the internet, an area where your organizational chart can have the best visibility it could afford. That is why you should make online versions of your organizational chart that is ready to be displayed on your social media and other online platforms.

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