After students work hard to fulfill their studies, officially rewarding them for their achievements is essential. If you need to present them with a professional award, consider downloading our Academic Award Certificate Templates to expedite your document creation. Use our materials for preschool math, high school English, university science, and more. Each of our samples contains original and 100% customizable content for your convenience. Instantly put together a printable academic award with our easily editable templates!

How to Make an Academic Award Certificate

Creating an award certificate allows for plenty of versatility in how you draft its wording (as Lifewire points out in a web article). This makes certificates perfect for officially recognizing any type of outstanding academic achievement—be it for classroom performance, student honors, or school graduations.

When making an academic award design, there’s a handful of critical details to bear in mind. Have a read through our tips (below) to find out what you need.

1. Determine Your Award Certificate’s Overall Layout

Start putting together your academic award by deciding what size to give it. For a small-sized certificate, go with either 8.5 x 11 inches or 8.5 x 14 inches. If you need a larger design, then opt for 11 x 14 inches or 11 x 17 inches instead. At the same time, include 1/8 inch for the bleed area.

2. Implement Appropriate Graphic Designs

Well-rendered graphics are the main aspect of making your certificate look presentable. However, it’s important to use a subtle design so that it’s suitable for academic purposes. You can achieve this by incorporating a vector style in the certificate’s borders and corners. Plus, use your institution/organization’s logo and branding colors in the graphic design.

3. Pick a Proper Font

Typography is another important visual element in your academic award certificate. Utilize a formal and easy-to-read font style to maintain a professional look. For colors, you can go with basic black or coordinate them with your graphic design.

4. Draft Your Academic Award’s Content

There are a few details you need to write down in your academic award certificate. These details are the institution/organization, certificate title, presentation line, recipient, “from” line, award description, date, and signature(s). Remember to use different font sizes that match their respective sections.

Now you’ll have no problem designing an academic award! Don’t forget about our Academic Award Certificate Templates for an easier design process.

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