When giving official recognition to student achievements, there’s no better medium to do so than with certificates. For this reason, we’re offering our Academic Excellence Certificate Templates for you to use however you need. Quickly put together awards for performance honors, high school graduations, athletic exams, and more by incorporating our materials. And you can edit our downloadable samples using various applications—such as MS Word—for your convenience. Don’t delay and download now to speed up your document creation!

How to Make an Academic Excellence Certificate

Certificates are highly versatile awards, especially when it comes to their wording (as Lifewire mentions in one of their articles). There’s even a fair bit of flexibility in customizing their appearance. Be it for elementary, high school, or college, certificates are perfect for achievements in any education level.

It’s fairly easy to design certificates for academic accomplishments. To learn how to do so, have a read through our tips below.

1. Start with Your Excellence Certificate’s Layout

For a proper-looking academic certificate, start by giving your design an appropriate document body. For its layout orientation, both landscape and portrait formats are suitable. In regards to size measurements, there are several standards you can go with: 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 14”, and 11” x 17”.

2. Apply Simple Renders to Your Academic Award

Presentation is integral to making designs for academic excellence certificates. With that being said, your award should still retain a sense of formality. So, opt for a simple and sleek vector style for your border graphics. Additionally, use a white background to keep things looking professional.

3. Use Branding Designs in Your Academic Excellence Certificate

When it comes to making your excellence certificates unique, there are several design elements to incorporate. First, in your graphic renders, apply your institution or organization’s signature colors. Next, insert your logo into one of the certificate’s upper corners.

4. Implement Suitable Typography in Your Certificate Design

Along with borders, backgrounds, and logos, your award certificate’s text also needs attention. Consider font colors that go well with every other visual aspect in your print design. In terms of font styles, select those with formal appeal while also having good readability.

So, did you get through all of our tips? Just remember what you’ve learned and you’ll have no problem designing certificates for awarding any and all academic achievements!

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