What is an Account Manager Cover Letter?

An account manager cover letter is a formal letter that you can attach to either your resume or curriculum vitae, in particular to the acquiring of an account manager job title. This adjunct document serves as a summary of your main purpose, as well as an introduction to your subsequent indentures.

The professional staffing company, Robert Half, mentioned in its January 2020 article that out of the 2,800 senior managers they surveyed, 58% of their employers confirmed that they prefer having cover letters. Through this significant figures, cover letters are, without a doubt, important for aspirants. This goes to all job vacancies, including for account managers.

How to Write an Account Manager Cover Letter:

There are many points that you have to put into consideration when you prepare a cover letter. The most important of them all is to make every detail relevant to your desired job. In your case, to become an account manager. If done successfully, your cover letter will gain a topic-focused attribute. Therefore, the human resources officer or the receiver of your document will be less likely to get confused about what your letter is set about. In line with it, writing your letter in accordance with the standards can reinforce its readability. For your convenience, we have organized an in-depth list of steps below to make your cover letter adequate.

1. Choose the Appropriate Format

Letters can be formal and informal. And, a cover letter is categorized in the former, under the business letter classification. Business letters have three formats, including the block, modified block, and semi-block, with all three instilling the same pieces of information and are written in the same manner. It is the appearance that makes them distinct from each other. Block and modified block formats are noticeably formal, whereas the semi-block has a little bit of informality. Since you are selling yourself as a professional to a prospective agency or employer through a cover letter, then the semi-block is the perfect format you should adopt.

2. Prepare to Fill In the Basic Information

In all formal business letter formats, the basic information like the mailing date, the receivers’ company name and address, as well as your name, address, signature, and contact information, should be incorporated. Prepare to put them at the header and at the footer of your cover letter.

3. Introduce Yourself and State Your Business

Start writing your cover letter’s body with an opening salutation. You can either address it directly to the HR officer or address it in a general manner. This will then be followed by a brief introduction of yourself. After doing so, declare your intention, including what job position you are trying to fill and how you found out about the company’s vacant slots.

4. Justify Your Worth for the Position

Summarize the best qualifications you have in relevance to the job post. You may refer to the lists you have prepared in your subsequent documents.

5. Sway the Receiver to Read Attached Documents

Basically, the section is where you invite the receivers to look through your curriculum vitae or resumes. Persuading them in a friendly and respectful tone is necessary, considering that they are corporate entity employees.

6. Invite Receiver for Head-On Meetings

Engage your readers to reply by putting a call-to-action at the end of your letter’s body. The best example would be requesting for an interview.

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