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What is an Account Manager Job Description?

It is a type of job description that lists out the job responsibilities and requirements for an applicant who seeks to apply for the position of account manager. It also includes the schedules, benefits, and instructions on how to contact the hiring staff/HR Department.

How to Make an Account Manager Job Description

The job of an account manager contributes a lot to the sales of the company as they maintain the professional relationship between the clients/customers. To make a good impression on your potential employers you will have to make your cover letter show that you are a good fit for the job. If you need help in writing it, continue reading and follow these tips.

1. Give the Full Details

When making the job description it is vital to mention what the job entails. Avoid giving the details and objectives in a long paragraph as this could potentially turn off your reader or just make the applicant skim through it without fully understanding the job. You may present this information in bulleted form, and keep it clear and concise to communicate it easily to your applicants. Word out the skills required and the educational attainment as well so that applicants who are qualified will be encouraged to go to your offices to apply.

2. Explain the Duties

The tasks and responsibilities of an account manager can be a lot depending on how big the company is. Account managers have to maintain the professional relationship between the company that employs them and a client or another business. It will help if you added the details of the other companies that are connected to the employer so that applicants will have an idea of who they are going to be dealing with. To give an idea, some of these companies/clients usually deal with commercial sales, marketing, and insurance.

3. Give Instructions

To make the application a smooth transaction you can use the job description to give instructions to your readers on how to contact the employer. Give your contact information such as landline number, email address, and even the physical location of the office. That way they know where to send their resume and cover letter either personally or online. You may also instruct them to bring relevant documents or a portfolio so that applicants can confirm their qualifications for the job.

4. Specify the Job Title

When opening a new job position in your company, you certainly have specific ideas as to what kind of employee you wish to hire. There are many different types of account managers so make sure you specify what job position you are headhunting for. To give some examples, here are terms you could use to specify the job post include Assistant Account Manager, Key Account Manager, and Account Coordinator. Being specific ensures that the applicant and the hiring staff are on the same age throughout the job application.

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