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How to Make an Accounting Invoice in Pages?

What is an invoice? An invoice is a list of all the services a company or business has provided its customers and this also presents the amount that customers have to pay. If you plan to have your account receivable, you can send an accounting invoice to your clients or customers. May it be a contractor invoice, purchase invoice or any kind of invoice, you can follow these steps to make one:

1. Choose a Software to Use

Firstly, you need to decide which software you would like to use. You can use Apple Pages since this wordprocessor is accessible because you can easily edit on your device. You can also search for a sample of accounting invoice to guide you. You can also choose a billing software to do the job.

2. Business Information

You need to start with a letterhead. This way, your customers will know who the sample invoice is from. First thing, put your company name. Make sure to use simple fonts to make it look professional. Next, include your company address, company contact number, and your company website. Don't forget to place your company logo on top right or top left. To add, you have to put the name of the recipient, or the company name, the contact number, and address.

3. Make it Known

When you send your sales invoice, don't forget to put the word 'INVOICE' on top of your document. This way, your customers can easily distinguish your document with the other documents that they receive. Don't forget to include their invoice number. Having this word printed on your paper will make your customers pay you on time.

4. Services Your Customers Received

To easily inform your customers about the services you gave, you need to include this on your invoice. When writing the services, make sure to be direct to the point. Don't be too wordy so that your customers can easily read them. You also have to put the dates because they are important to track when the services are made or when the purchase of products is.

5. The Quantity

When you plot the table on your invoice, you need to also include the quantity of the products no matter how big or small it is. Quantity refers to the number of times a service is made or a number of times the product/s is/are purchased.

6. Invoice Payment

An invoice presents the bill for your customer. Your invoice should show the breakdown of how much your customer should pay. Include any sales tax, delivery fees, delivery service charges, shipping service charges, service charges, and other charges, if there are. This way, you don't have to explain to your customer face to face about their payments. Make sure that you have included everything. Make sure to calculate the grand total and highlight this amount so that your customers will easily find the number of their payments.

7. Other Information

Don't forget to include other information on your invoice, you can give them your return policy. Also, you can leave a positive note saying how grateful you are that they chose your business. Once your customers pay you, you can now complete your accounting invoice process.

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