An accounting proposal is a document response to a client request for accounting services or for bidding. This document is also used for funding requests or applying for grants for financial support. It’s going to be used to convince people to believe in your abilities.

So if you’re an accountant or an accounting firm looking for ways on how to write a winning proposal, look no further! offers different accounting proposals of different types and formats including Excel, Spreadsheets, Word, and even Pages. This free customizable accounting proposal is a great resource to present your professional services and job engagement plans.

We have free editable proposal templates that can help you become more efficient and provide you with clean and professionally-designed samples to persuade clients to award you with the project. Since it’s editable, you can modify the proposal to include a touch of your personality in it. All our templates are compatible with your computer or mobile devices, for convenient and hassle-free work.

Start with our template and add your own content. Text, images, logos, and content are 100% customizable so you can be sure that it's yours. You can even write your proposal from scratch using our template as a reference. A cover letter is also provided so you don’t have to worry about it and you can focus on more important things like the numbers!

Say goodbye to non-editable PDF files and sign-up at to get access to these accounting proposal templates. Download your copy now and start creating your proposals today!

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