Administrative Assistant Job Description Templates

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Screening applicants is not an easy task; you have to look through every resume and cover letter that each applicant presents and choose which ones are good enough to pass through interviews. Soon enough, this lengthy task can be tiring. If you’re looking for a way to lessen the unqualified candidates, then download our Administrative Assistant Job Description Templates. Our templates have sample content that you can edit through Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs. Sign up now and you’ll never have to look at too many resumes again.

How to Write an Administrative Assistant Job Description

Assistants help keep the administration organized and also have the responsibility to provide great customer service to the company’s clients. With the heavy load of responsibilities, finding applicants to fill this role is important. To help you out, here are some tips to help you in making an administrative assistant job description.

1. Select and Download Your Chosen Template

Our site offers a variety of job descriptions for administrative assistant positions. Whether if it's for a restaurant or a real estate office, we have it. You just have to choose the right template that fits your business and you can download then edit it.

2. Write a Summary of the Job Description

Provide an impressive introduction by giving a summary of the important parts of the job description. According to an article in Cison, the average human’s attention span is about eight seconds. So you have about that time to make an impression on your applicants. 

3. Give a Detailed Description of Their Responsibilities

Applicants sometimes make their decision to apply based on the job specifications given by the company. As an administrative assistant, they are responsible for several tasks that include supporting the executives and managing their schedules. However, each company has particular tasks that are unique for their business, therefore, candidates need to be aware of these responsibilities before they commit to applying for the position.

4. Specify their Qualifications

To fulfill their duties, applicants must have specified qualifications as a guarantee to the hiring managers that they get to interview only the qualified applicants. 


  • What are the basic skills of an administrative assistant?

      Administrative assistant skills are different for different kinds of businesses. But these are the most common qualities that they must possess:

      1. Good verbal and written communication skills
      2. Time management
      3. Detail-oriented
      4. Independent in work
      5. Organized

  • How do you define administrative jobs?

      Administrative jobs are those positions that assist the daily operations of the office like administrative associate positions, administrative services manager, and the like. They have an in-depth understanding of the industry as well as the company. Administrative jobs usually have exceptional organization skills that are useful to everyone in the business.

  • What is a job description?

      A job description contains the specifications of a job that needs to be filled. It contains the qualifications, required skills, and responsibilities of that position. 

  • Why is a job description important?

      A job description displays the standard that applicants need to achieve before they can be considered for the position. This helps the employer by reducing the number of resumes for a faster application process.

  • What are the different components of a job description?

      1. Job Title - This is the headline of the entire job description.
      2. Responsibilities - Write down the daily objectives that are done by a person hired in this position.
      3. Qualifications - Enumerate what experiences the applicant has to acquire before being qualified for this role.
      4. Working Environment - This part describes where the applicant will be assigned. It should also be specified here what kind of business the company is handling.