How to Make an Administrative Assistant Job Description in Docs

When it comes to running an office efficiently, a skilled and experienced aide is invaluable to have. Therefore, you need to utilize an effective job description for employing the right kind of person for the position.

As explained on a page from, a job description should contain a detailed summary that allows readers to decide whether or not they meet the application requirements for a given position. Putting all that together can take a fair bit of time; fortunately, we have a reliable set of tips (below) on how to create a professional job description in Google Docs!

1. Start Off With the Complete Job Title

So, let’s go ahead and start from the top of the document then make our way downwards.

Open a fresh file or template in Google Docs and include the full name of the administrative position in the document’s main header/title. By providing the specific name of the job, job-hunters will be interested in reading through your job listing, flyer, etc.if it’s the type of work they’re looking for. Remember to make the title noticeable enough through the font size and style.

2. Describe Your Company and the Position

Next, you’ll want interested applicants to be informed of what exactly they’re getting into. So, give a brief overview of your company or organization; such as its history, goals, and so on. After that, provide a short definition of the position, as well.

3. List Down the Duties and Perks of the Administrative Role

For the next part of the document, you need to state all of the responsibilities that come with the specific administrative assistant job (eg, answering phone calls and arranging meetings). Along with that, include the various legalities, benefits, and compensation.

4. State the Requirements to Apply

Finally, you should create a list that contains the different qualifications that an applicant needs if they want to apply. Some requirements to consider for an administrative assistant can include educational background, office-work experience, and communication skills.

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