Administrators are often considered the cornerstones of a company. Why? Because a lot of their tasks focus on supporting the business. Indeed, this job is challenging but also interesting at the same time. And if people put their hearts into it, job satisfaction is inevitable for them. If the position is open in your company and you urgently need to hire one, today is your lucky day. We have Administrative Job Description Templates available at your disposal. These ready-made samples are 100% customizable and are yours to keep. Hire the best administrators in town by subscribing to our templates!

What Is an Administrative Job Description?

Like any other job description, this document elaborates on the role and requirements of an administrative job. An administrative job description serves as a reference for job seekers to determine if the position matches their skills, knowledge, and attitude.

How to Write an Administrative Job Description

According to an article by Robert Half, people should consider working in an administrative position as it is in demand and will provide career growth. With that said, refer to our guidelines to help you make an enticing job description.

1. Choose a Clear and Understandable Job Title

The administrative position is very broad if written as is in a job description. It could mean an administrative officer, manager, secretary, clerk, or admin assistant. Before moving forward, make sure to choose a clear and more specific job title.

2. Talk about the Work Environment

Before a prospective employee considers grabbing an opportunity, they will often check what the environment is like. It’s always better to keep things transparent, you’ll convey a more trustworthy image to the applicants.

3. Write a Short Summary of the Administrative Job

In one paragraph comprised of 3 to 4 sentences, write a comprehensive summary of the admin staff job. Without getting into details, provide readers with an idea of the job and the expectations that come with it. Keep this section as concise as possible.

4. Make a Realistic List of Skills

If you noticed, we emphasized the word “realistic” to refer to the list of skills. Why? Because some recruiters throw in a lot of skills that aren’t even relevant to the position. This tends to overwhelm prospects. Focus only on the most important and applicable skills.

5. Identify the Requirements

Another section in job descriptions that require listing is the requirements. Here, identify the degree that a candidate should have to qualify for the position. Aside from education, you may also ask for a minimum number of years of experience.

6. Mention Perks, Bonuses, and Benefits

And finally, the most awaited section in many job descriptions. Here, talk about the benefits and perks that a person will enjoy if they get hired to the administrative job. This will further entice them to hand in their cover letters and resumes right away.

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