How to Write an Administrative Job Description

Administrative roles help support individual employees, teams, or companies. They have a multitude of work that helps the business run smoothly. While a bachelor’s degree is not always necessary, it is imperative that your

company is specific about the administrator’s job description to enumerate and limit responsibilities in the workplace. Here are some things you should remember when writing your job description:

1. Be Clear About the Position Details

The positions details section of your job description document includes the general information about the job including working title, pay range, exemption status, department name, job description summary, and comparable positions.

2. Be Highly Specific About the Job Duties

The job duties description is the most important part of the document. It should convey the scope of work level or responsibility, and even the complexity of the job in itself. It is important that this section is accurate, concise, and that it describes in detail the duties and responsibilities expected of the potential employee.

3. You May Include Performance Standards

The performance standards section defines the expectations of the job and depicts the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to be successful. It will also provide a basis for measuring performance to better asses the capabilities of the interviewees.

4. Outline Required Knowledge in the Job Factor Section

Job factors indicate the level of knowledge and skills that are required to function in the job. This includes the education or experience required, supervision received, and analytical skills and abilities that the employers feel the candidate must possess.

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