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How to Write an Administrator Job Description

Whether you need a project administrator or an HR administrator, incorporating a well-written job description is always advisable. In an article from Indeed (a career-focused resource), a job description is essential to drawing in the most qualified candidates. Are you searching for an administrator right now? Then read out tips below on writing a job description for your recruitment process.

1. Consider the Details in Your Administrator Job Opening

Before writing down the document at all, you first need to think about the various aspects of your administrator position—from the qualifications to its duties. When taking notes for reference, make sure that you summarize the information into a concise and easy-to-read format.

2. Make Your Administrator Job Description Look Presentable

If your job description document is meant for printing out later, then you need to prepare it in an appropriate layout With a fresh file ready in your processing software, set the page size to either A4 or US letter size (depending on your local area). Next, apply margins while you write to arrange your content in a neat and orderly fashion.

3. Talk about Your company in the Administrator Job Description

In your job description, you should make administrator candidates feel confident about sending their application to you. So, to gain that confidence through your job description, mention your company and some interesting facts about it. For example, write down a small backstory about how it was founded;

4. Clearly Outline Your Administrator’s Tasks and Duties

It’s integral that your job description distinctly states your administrator’s responsibilities, whether you need them doing receptionist work, filing technical documents, etc. To highlight individual points, place them all into a list format and provide a brief explanation of each entry. Also, in a short paragraph, talk about how your administrative position fits into the company’s hierarchy.

With that, you’ve reached the end of our tips! If you’d like some easily editable samples for your writing, then remember to check out our downloadable Administrator Job Descriptions Templates.

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