Did you that the Massachusetts Adoption of Children Act was generally known to be the first modern adoption law? In 1851, the law was passed to protect and preserve the child's rights. And only capable adoptive parents have the opportunity to own the child legally. It is to ensure that the child gets the need for a good quality of life. Today, the law remains. And for that reason, an adoption certificate is a must-have to prove the claim. Check out our Ready-Made Adoption Certificate Templates in Adobe Photoshop (PSD). Whether you are planning to adopt a child or a pet, we got your back! These professionally designed templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in any device that has access to any available software anytime, anywhere! Look no further. Have a compelling adoption agreement by downloading this template! 

How to Create an Adoption Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

With over ten million children fostered by different organizations and more than sixty million children made a living along the streets, adoption remains to be one of the best solutions for them to have permanent homes and most importantly, to have loving adoptive parents. According to a survey from Adoption.org, about 46,000 children were adopted globally. And in the United States alone, 135,000 are adopted yearly while millions of children in foster care are waiting for adoption. These statistics imply that adoption is a process that will take a serious effort to own a child legally. Thus, adoption papers like adoption certificate is a must-have. Below, we outlined practical tips for you to create a professional adoption certificate.

1. Determine the Need for an Adoption Certificate

Before you start tweaking with the content and design, it's always essential to understand the intent of your document. Are you creating a pet certificate for a cat or dog adoption? Or is it used to disclose a child's adoption? Knowing the purpose of your adoption certificate will help you think of proper wordings and relevant certificate themes or designs.

2. Collect All the Necessary Certificate Details

After you have identified the overall intent of your adoption certificate, write down all the required details. Commonly, almost all certificate documents have the same information. In creating a kid adoption certificate, present information such as the name of the adoption center, certificate title, an official logo, address, name of the child, adoptive parents, date, and authorized signatures. Moreover, write a brief statement proving that the child is officially adopted.

If you are creating an animal adoption certificate, it must contain details such as the name of the pet store, their official logo, location, and the pet's name. Indicate what animal you are adopting. Is it a puppy or a kitten? Also, write a short description that the pet is legally owned.

Just a tip: Keep these details concise. That way, you can make sure that all the details you have provided are all correct.

3. Layout and Design Appropriately

Along with the main details, spice it up with relevant layout and design. Utilize a compelling layout. Having a hard time crafting for a personalized certificate size? Pick the 8.5 x 11-inch standard certificate size. If you are planning to have a printable certificate, utilize a minimal color scheme. Apply black, gray, or other pastel colors that complement the white paper. Just a tip: Employ colors that reflect your branding.

Moreover, use legible fonts. San Serif and Serif typefaces are ideal for providing clarity and simplicity. Just a tip: Mind the use of space to provide balance.

4. Download a Ready-Made Template and Print with Quality

Crafting a certificate can be an easy thing to do for some. But, if you are a beginner, it may take a lot of your time to create one. Thus, look for the best possible options. Fortunately, we got you our sample certificates! These are all downloadable, customizable, and printable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop and other accessible file formats. PSD provides a convenient feature that will allow users to modify the template easily.

Since adoption certificates are legal documents and are more likely to be kept, print the certificates with sturdy paper stock.

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