Advertising Agency Analysis Templates

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How to Write an Advertising Agency Analysis

Conducting and writing an analysis helps provide an advertising business with valuable insight into important matters. As explained by Ashford University (a long-running institution), an analysis paper takes various aspects of a subject to outline significant information.

Whether your analysis is about experimental advertising or marketing trends, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating your document. So, have a read through our tips (below) to find out what you need.

1. Create Notes For Your Advertising Agency Analysis

While researching for your analysis, start with “how” and “why” questions to help you get to a satisfying conclusion easily. And taking accurate notes about what you discover is imperative. When writing those notes, summarize all the information into digestible bits for concise writing and focused dialogue.

2. Prepare the Document for Your Advertising Agency Analysis

Once it’s time to write your analysis, you need an appropriate word processing application to do so (like Google Docs and Microsoft Word). And after opening a new document in your chosen program, give it a suitable page size and apply 1-inch margins.

3. Give Your Adverty Agency Analysis a Title

The first page of your agency analysis contains the title and serves as the cover. When coming up with the title itself, use something that accurately describes the subject of your analysis—like “Advertising Agency Management Analysis” or “Client Interaction and Decision Research.”

Additionally, write down some basic information about the document’s creator below the title. This information consists of their name, job title, department, and writing date.

4. Conclude Your Advertising Agency Analysis

At the end of your analysis document, you should have an expression about your argument or conclusion about your topic. This conclusion should show how you interpret the given data, along with your observations about the matter. Besides that, elaborate on how or why this is important to your analysis as a whole.

And that’s the last of our handy tips! So long as you remember what you’ve read, creating an analysis for your ad company won’t be an issue. Feel free to come back if you need to do a review or need to download our Advertising Agency Analysis Templates.


  • What are some well-known advertising agencies?

       A few examples are:

      1. Publicis Groupe
      2. Dentsu
      3. Interpublic Group
      4. Omnicom
  • What job positions are there within an advertising agency?

      Some of these are:

      1. Advertising director
      2. Digital media planner
      3. Graphic artist
      4. Sales planner
  • What are the main departments in an advertising agency?

      Below is a list of these departments:

      1. Creative development
      2. Management
      3. Marketing
      4. Sales
  • What are some examples of advertising platforms?

      Some examples of advertising platforms include:

      1. Magazines
      2. TV
      3. Newspapers
      4. The Internet
      5. Radio
  • What are some affordable advertising methods?

      Here’s a list of relatively cheap advertising:

      1. Printable handouts
      2. Social media
      3. Email