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How to Create an Advertising Agency Letterhead

According to Bizfluent (an online business resource), clients use a company's letterhead to judge their credibility. It also works as your brand identity or corporate identity in the advertising industry, so you must ensure that it translates your audience's right message. And to help you make yours, check out the tips in creating a modern letterhead.

1. Choose Legible Typography

The readability of your business letterhead must be your highest priority; otherwise, your letterhead can’t fulfill its primary function. You need to pick professional and legible typography to match it with your agency. Along with that, improve the readability of every word in your letterhead even more by using a large enough font size.

2. Pick the Right Colors

If there are any signature colors incorporated in your agency’s branding aesthetics, add them to your simple letterhead for the sake of design consistency. This is essential for your business’s marketability since it lets clients quickly recognize your agency through association from color use.

3. Add Your Agency's Details

Your printable letterhead isn't complete without your agency’s details—like its business logo, company name, address, contact details, and company website. These are the basic details that must be present since these give identity to your letterhead. Additionally, your clients can also call or contact you through the details on your letterhead.

4. Keep the Design Simple

Don't make your sample letterhead design intricate, or you might have a hard time presenting the written details. As much as possible, match the letterhead design’s style to your ad agency while keeping it fairly simple.

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